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Stephen King - Dark Tower Series

Well I got bored and decided to pick up the first 3 books of this series, I heard a lot of good things about it. People saying that it was Kings best work and something you had to read.

So far I have almost finished the first book, and the writing style is starting to really annoy me. I mean really, really ****** me off. The disjointed way he is doing conversations/thoughts is making me want to bin the books.

I've not formed any attachment to the Gunslinger yet, and as I'm nearly finished the book this surprises/worries me. There has been a bit of character development, but not enough to make me actually care if he succeeds in his "quest".

Has anyone else here read the series? Does he maintain this style throughout? Is the first book a weak/average/strong chapter out of the series? Should I continue reading it or not?

Your thoughts/input much appreciated.
The first book was an ok book. Nothing spectacular compared to the rest of the books. This series does get better as it continues. It's worth it to toughening out the first book. As you continue the series, characters get better developed and it truly a great story that King has able to weave. Although in book 5 and 6 he kind of falters a bit, nonetheless still fairly good read.

My favorite book out of the whole series is Wizard and Glass. It's perhaps the best of the 7 books that he has written for the series and one that I can read over and over again without getting to tired of it.

If you're a Stephen King fan, this series also interweaves storyline from some of his horror works which you may or may not recognize.

You may want to take a look at this thread when you are done with this series.

On a side note, Marvel comics are going to be publishing comics for this series with some "guests" from the Marvel Universe.
The first book is completely different from the other six. If I remember this corrently, SK started writing book #1in college, and must not have picked up writing for the second book until after he already published a few other books unrelated to the series. You can't put down the series in disgust until you have at least gotten through #2. I hear your frustration--the Gunslinger is...strange. Stylistically, it's unlike anything else I know that he's done. It's a little amature, the writing is more vague and artsy--not normal Stephen King stuff. That all changes with the second book, and then he maintains a more consistent style through the rest of the series.

My favorite is Wizard and Glass too, btw.
I can really understand you. I almost stopped reading while I was somewhere in the first book, because I didn't get into the story. But it gets better with the next books.
As far as I know he started book one early in his career, but continued with the next ones only 20 years later.
Started reading the 2nd book last night and already it's better.

The writing style has changed for the better, no longer wanting me to gouge my eyes out in frustration. And this time I like the characters we're meeting.

So far so good Smile

Thanks for the advice to carry on.
I have started reading The Dark tower, but only made it halfway into book 3.
For some reason I kind of lost interest, or I just got to busy.
I enjoy all his work and have found that The Dark tower is something different, but good. I'm looking forward to finishing the whole series.
100 pages to go and I'm finished the series.

-------------MINOR SPOILERS COMING UP---------------------

The Dandalo (IT?) part was a bit dissapointing, I was honestly expecting a lot more from it, same can be said for Walters meeting with Mordred. Am I the only one dissapointed with how it's resolved?

I'm a bit worried about the ending of the series, 100 pages to resolves 4 story arcs (Mordred, The Crimson King, Arriving at the Tower and Making it to the top floor) seems a bit short, I'm hoping it won't seem rushed. And from what I've been told the ending leaves you wondering if it was all worth it.

I'm hoping not.

Gonna disagree with you all about "Wizards and Glass" being the best book, I really liked seeing Roland when he was younger, and finally meeting Cort and Alain was great.


I really enjoyed "Wolves of the Calla" In particular when Eddie goes back to Towers bookshop and confronts the mobsters, it's teh first time you get a real glimpse of "Eddie the Gunslinger" and it's one of the more memorable moments in any off the books. To be honest it's the first book where the Gunslinger in everyone (even Oy, IMO he became a gunslinger in the restaurant).

I can see why you all like WaG so much, but for me Wolves has been the best book.
I don't really like these books and I didn't even finish the first volume.. I like "Otherland" by Tad Williams, for example...
You can't really say you don't like the books if you've not even finished the first one.

I admit that the first book is a real chore to get through, it is however worth reading just to get onto the new parts in the series.

In all it's worth spending the money on, It's taken me just over 2 month casual reading to complete the series and I don't regret it.


The ending isn't going to please many people, when I heard that the ending was ropey I imagined what would be the worst way IMO it could end to warrent these reactions. I was right, it even finished on the line I hoped it wouldn't.

----------Minor Spoiler --------------

How they deal with the Red King is very anti-climatic. Same with Mordred. I was hoping for a climatic show down with at least one of them. I have to say I was dissapointed with this (even if it became obvious how they would deal with the Red King as the chapter progresses)

--------MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!!!!!-----

Oy. I am not amused at Oy's death, and to be honest it's the only death in the books that has made me pause and think "why?"

At least his death saved people's lifes. RIP Gunslinger Oy.
Lusiphur wrote:

----------Minor Spoiler --------------

How they deal with the Red King is very anti-climatic. Same with Mordred. I was hoping for a climatic show down with at least one of them. I have to say I was dissapointed with this (even if it became obvious how they would deal with the Red King as the chapter progresses)

--------MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!!!!!-----

I agree. They built up Mordred throughout the last 3 books I believe(It's been like a year since I've read it) and than he died way to easily. The way he handled the Red King was kind of anti-climatic. I expected some type of a huge showdown.

However, I did enjoy the way it ended with "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." Even though at first I didn't really like the way it ended.
sorry for the stupid question, but how many books are there actually? Is the final book of the story already published?
Cibes wrote:
sorry for the stupid question, but how many books are there actually? Is the final book of the story already published?

Final book is out. They are :

1 - Gunslinger
2 - Drawing of the three
3 - The Waste Lands
4 - Wizards and Glass
5 - Wolves of the Calla
6 - Song of Sussanah
7 - The Dark Tower
For a time I devoured all these SK books. I remember being stoked when Wizards and GLass came out- but it kind of fell off the radar since SK was taking time off between writing them.
Is it worth the effort to go back and reading them all again?

Has anyone made it to the finish line and more importantly- Would you do it again?
I've read them all. I bought the last four on the days they were released. I found them to be worth it. Wizard and Glass was by far my favorite (I just can't get enough of Cuthbert, and that's the only book wherein he's a major character...actually, after his major role in WG, I was hoping that he would make regular appearances in the subsequent books, but he really didn't, which was a disappointment for me), but I was such a major fan of the series that I loved them all and would read them again. It will probably be years befoe I do so, however. I'm a slow reader and have a long list of stuff I want to read.
I've only read up to book 4. although I plan to continue till the last book some other time, maybe.
I quite enjoyed the series, some of the things he did in it - like bringing in characters from older books, but recognizing that they were book characters, and including himself in the plots of the last few was pretty unique and clever. Shame you can't say the same about the horrific anticlimax at the end.

The other thing was that wizard and glass was by far the best book, throughout the series I just wanted to know more about the Gunslingers of Eld's line and this book reveals the most about the young Roland. I also nearly cried when i read about what happened to susan, and haven't reread the book for fear of going through that again. Poor girl.

The stand is still probably King's best work though.
I didn't think the ending was too bad. It was never going to be good enough... in its zenith it was just too great a series. The ending was never going to live up to the anticipation.
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