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My Documents.exe

Any storage device I put in gets this program disguised as a shortcut to My Documents.

I know this is a virus.

Anyone know how to remove it?
If you believe you have a virus you could try a couple of good online virus scanner that are free such as:

1) Trend housecall (my personal favorite)
2) Panda ActiveScan

OR download a good FREE antivirus such as AVG Free:

this is quite old. any antivirus sould be able to detect and clean it.
try a good antivirus such as Avast or Antivir (avira) or AVG Free.

If you are ready to dish out some money, then go in for NOD32 Antivirus or Norton Internet Security.
they are very good softwares and have solved problems for me like this (in my case, a Recycle Bin icon appeared- nasty one).
Anyway, I have found a manual way to delete it. I simply force-deleted the file in C:/Windows and it took care of it. Thanks for the help, guys!
Very good choice, manually fixing stuff is quite better... jajajaja
Similar virus was attacking all USB flash drives at my place !!!

ravmon.exe and drvmon.exe
They change the default action of all USB devices to run the virus file ( ravmon.exe or drvmon.exe )

You have to right click the drive icon and click "Open"
If u double click it chooses "Auto" which activates the virus and opens "My Documents"

I had to manually clear it out from the USb, several folders in the hard disk, and the registry before it stopped attacking.
I think that virus creates copies of itself in all folders under My Documents e.g. My Pictures, My Music and other folders you may have created in the past with the *.exe extension. I cleared that virus for my friend by updating and performing a virus scan. If you don't have a free virus scanner, just use any of those online scanners as suggested. Panda antivirus also has a free online scanner.
You can use NOD32 Anti Virus. And Your PC will be safer than before.

NOD32, fast scanning, high detection ratio, low resource, advanced heuristic (to detect unknown virus), etc.

NOD32 is shareware 30 days.

Please try.
My computer is attacked by this virus too... my AVG Free detects My Documents.exe and identify it as Worm/VB.YJ... I have tried locating on the registry and tried the steps as instructed on TrendMicro site by it the problem persists... I can't delete it... How can I fix this problem? We can I find the right manual for this? Thanks!
folder virus may be the brontok family virus.

I try the following step to remove such kind of viruses.
start OS on safe mode with command prompt(take some time).
then open task manager(Ctrl + Shift + Esc). then run regedit
Find the hkey_current_user/_local_machine->software->microsoft
->windows-> Currentversion -> run or runonce or policies-> delete the unwanted keys.(don,t forget to backup ur registry).
and delete the %temp% folder
delete the file associated with the virus in the system folders.
Then restart ur comp.
if there is still the problem. install some antivirus in safe mode, update it and scan there in.
Or fomat ur drive (the ultimate soln).

Recently i got virus named wscript.exe and some processes affecting the explorer.exe. I deleted the registry and its files in the sytem folder (also dllcache) and autorun files in each drive.and restarted voila! the virus was removed.
heridlia wrote:
You can use NOD32 Anti Virus. And Your PC will be safer than before.

NOD32, fast scanning, high detection ratio, low resource, advanced heuristic (to detect unknown virus), etc.

NOD32 is shareware 30 days.

Please try.

Fast scanning means that it usually skips through the important stuff.

If a scanner is working, then it slows your computer down.

That why I schedule mine with AVG; slows computer down a little, but does the job. (I also have ZoneAlarm)
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