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Children of Men [2006]

I thought this movie was great.

The cinematography\direction were standouts. The way the action scenes were shot from a first person perspective -often with no\minimal cuts- greatly added to the intensity. This particularly holds true for the forest scene, I honestly felt clastrophobic, like there was no escape.

Also worth making note of was the minimal use of music\a score, adding to the realism of what faced Theo and Co. If you contrast this to the high impact score of War of the Worlds, it all of a sudden seems overburdening and unnecessary.

Was anyone else in parts reminded of Half Life 2?
ie: How Britian was walled off to the rest of the world and the way immigrants were caged, awaiting deportion.

Also, what was Theo's cousin's son(?) doing when he went to visit them?
I really really want to see this film. But it's not playing anywhere near me. I've watched the trailer a lot in anticipation.
I found the film pretty disapointing. Nothing really happened and nothing was explained.

The girl just ends up being pregnant and then the movie just ends. there was no resolution, Plus nothing was explained as to why man couldnt procreate anymore. The film seemed to have a good theme but it just didnt really go anywhere with it.
I also want to see this.
I read the reviews. Many say its the best movie of 2006 Shocked
It has certainly got a lot of critical acclaim.
The best movie I saw in 2006, no question.

Apart from having a great atmosphere and great cinematography, those long sequences really are something to see. The planning and coordination is mind boggling.
Seems like an interesting movie. I think I might go see it; if not for the plot then for the great cinematography as it is acclaimed here.
I want to see this. Sounds interesting, has had good reviews. Hoping I won't be disappointed.
Good lord, Children of Men is sooooo sweet. Visionary, illuminating, scary, shocking, the list of adjectives goes on and on. This movie stands out for it's brilliant cinematography but it's message is just as powerful. There are so many parallels to modern times and messages and metaphors to be reaped from watching this film, I would say it's easily on my top 5 list for 2006. Make a point to go out and see this flick, get your hands on it, and focus and drink it in, it's pretty much that freakin good...
Ive heard a lot about the film really want to see it,by the looks of all the positive comments about it here it must be really pretty good,hope to catch it soon.
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