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Mourinho's Woes

Jose Mourinho must not be very pleased with his side as Chelsea seem to be in big trouble. After just clinching on to a point against both Fulham and Reading, Chelsea seem exploited.

What d oyou think? With wastes like Shevchenko and without players like Robben, Joe Cole, Terry and Cech, can Chelsea do it? Or are Chelsea's chances of the Premiership over?
Well, I don't realize what's going with Chelsea... Maybe it's down shape or something.. I don't see any exuce for their shape in the past games.

In this shape, Man Utd seems to be the champion of the Premier League.
Well, Manchester United were pathetic in last night's game against Newcastle. They were held to a 2-2 draw.

I think that the fate of the Premiership lies with someone else.
What!? That is nonsense, Man Utd didn't play bad at all they just didn't have much luck. And since when are all those players a waste? You judge too fast considering these last too matches... The rest of the season they played the best ever.

Let's see what Chelsea and Arsenal do today and don't jump to conclusions so fast...
Utd v Newcastle was not a bad match. Utd played good football, but Newcastle wanted the victory more and they played better football because of it. Rewatch the match, Utd made so many chances they were unlucky not to finish with a HUGE goal advantage, the amount of time Ronaldo pulled the defence apart was worrying.

Chelsea's problem at the moment is the amount of goals they are letting in, with Cech and Terry both out I think everyone expected difficulties but nothing like that, if it wasn't for Drogba being on top form (one of Chelsea's only players that are showing that they deserve to be in the squad) at the moment I don't think they would be in the top 5.

We'll see a different Chelsea soon though, January transfer window means a new keeper and a Terry replacement. Then we can get back to watching Chelsea and Utd battle it out like they should.

Here's hoping that Utd can maintain their lead Smile
He must be a worried man but a good two win games can change all that. In fact, Manchester United are just few points ahead of Chelsea. I'm sure Chelsea will bounce back very soon. It's just a matter of time before they are on top again..
hard to see anyone but Man U or Chelsea lifting the cup this year.

Moriniou rabbits on about how many 'problems' they've got this year and they're still only 6 points behind MU however doesn't mention the size of the bankroll behind him gives him a bit of an advantage.

Not supporting either side (the 2 teams I dislike the most, for lots of reasons) on the balance rather see MU pull ahead for 2 reasons:

1. chelsea money is so obviously crooked Evil or Very Mad
2. The scowl on JM's face whenever his team does badly Laughing
Hey, ManU is going to win !!!

We have been letting in weird goals as well recently.
j_f_k wrote:
1. chelsea money is so obviously crooked Evil or Very Mad
2. The scowl on JM's face whenever his team does badly Laughing

1) True..., but that's a bit of a clich้. Whenever a team loses from Chelsea and just plays like nothing, they blame it on the money and on Abramovitsch (or whatever it's spelled). Not true, Chelsea has always been a very good club with potential, and the money can't be an excuse anymore since they aren't first are they?
2) He is an arrogant man, isn't he? Smile
What is with Michael Ballack...

Droghba critizied him, because he don't fit in the team....

but Mourinho stays behind Ballack...
Mustard 93
The crowd needs to get behind Chelsea more.

I have a gut feeling Manchester United are going to clinch the title on the final day.

Boy, how good that would feel.
Ballack isn't doing much at Chelsea as he didn't do much at the World Cup. But Mourinho knows he has the potential, and the champions league is not too far away.
What's happening with Ballack and Shevchenko? Perhaps the new year will change all.
i think Roman abromovic should send mourinho from chelsea.....

And instead of him he can bring me Very Happy Laughing
Patriot Players
I would like to see Mourinho stay. He's a great manager who has plagued with unfortunate team issues this season. Chelsea still have an (albeit slim) chance at the Premiership. They have won the Carling Cup, are in the Semis of the Champions League, and are in a great position in the FA cup. I dont see how anyone could find fault with Mourinho.
I am really not a fan of Mourinho. And this has nothing to do withhis managerial ability (although I do not like chelseas style of hoof to drogba and watch him score, which is how they have been palying this season).. he just really annoys me with his constant whinging and whining about things that are really contradictory... Lately he labelled Christiano Ronadlo as a "lyer", when really, half of what Mourinho says himself is exagerated truths to the point of lying anways Laughing Laughing
Mourinho exagerates several times, but that's just part of the show business. At least what he says is less trivial and that's what the media want.
This year he is telling time after time that his team is not the favorite (he is repeating himself too much in this idea). Again this is show business. Chelsea has plenty of weapons and he knows it. Even with the lack of some players, Chelsea is very strong. Chelsea has weaknesses but Liverpool and MU also have. Liverpool is sometimes limited to an aerial football and MU can be defeated by a more secure and efficient football.

As I write these words, MU has now a 5 points lead over Chelsea at the premiership. Mourinho says it's still not over. Exagerating again, he knows it's almost over. He will now concentrate his team on the champions league and FA cup. On the other side, MU is probably going to loose against Milan and will be stronger at the premiership.
As I said, Morinho is a great coach with a big mouth.
Maybe Cheslea will drop him next season and than I sure that some of the biggest teams in Europe will jump on him and will take him.
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