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Where did you celebrate your new year eve?

Well i enjoyed my new year eve with my friends in one of the most, exciting restaurant and bar. it was one of my best new eve party ever!! Really enjoyed the drinks and the food and the dances. The dance party was just great.!!
Really had a lot of fun
Happy new year 2007 to all the frihost team.
I was over my grandmothers as it was her birthday. Then i went to my uncles work to work on some stuff then to my house where we ate and hung out with my grandmother.
Sadly i spent it at home Sad
I went round town (well the city near my town) it was ok but if you look at the time I'm posting this it shows it wasn't the greatest night ever (no that a good thing or not??) Confused
Well the city's pub for the first time got together and hosted a huge party called "The One Party".

I was there having a bash with my friend who recently came back from the United States.
It was fun with all the music and all. I aint a heavy drinker, so I cant really tell you about the kick-ass sides of it.

But on the whole it was a pretty good new year party not owing to the fact that I got a severe soar throat and a bad cold. Am on the bed since morning. My throat's hurting...aaghhh..!!
At my house, throwing up into the toilet T_T

stupid food poisoning! i'll never eat that restaurant's omelet again.
Started in the local bar, then moved on to my mates house.
Was good, ended up a bit drunk.
I was over at my friend's house, playing Table-tennis, poker, PS2... Its a sleep over and we didn't really sleep until 6:00 AM. It kind of like a yearly thing that we talk about girls in our school, like who is the hottest, ugliest... But this year, not knowing how, we got into a conversation about science. And we have been talking about Black Holes, Dark Matter, Parallel Universe, Galaxy, Time Travel, Future Human Evolution/Adaptation, Alkina Metal and how that react with water, Sun, Supernova, Neutron Star, White Dwarfs, red giant, the thing about nothingness, God's ability to create a rock that he himself cannot even lift, Weird human birth diease such as that one which a baby have one eye vertically and one leg like a fish...

It is crazy, what a great way to start a year, SCIENCE!!!
I was at my girlfriend's place... it was fun: her sister's boyfriend had some insane fireworks, which made my ears numb. Before all that we ate at a Greek restaurant and ordered a 6-person dinner, which rocked. Sooo much meat, haha.

New years eve was cool Cool
Fun sober night with good friends.
I also was out with some of my friends. had fun Wink
I was with my fiends in a party. The party was great. We was have many food and alcohol and other stuff. We was played in NFS: MW and PES 3 Very Happy
I made a lame attempt at pretending not to have a splitting headache. Stayed at a party that set my teeth on edge till about 10 pm then bowed out and went home and slept! 3 days with a migraine makes for not a happy person. Finally woke up at noon and lo and behold... The migraine has made it day 4. *sigh*
v had a party in ur locality... it was gud... muzic, dance and tambola... everything was gr8
I was in London with my girlfriend. It was great, apart from almost getting killed when someone lit a firework in the middle of the crowd >_>
Had a party in my local pub. There are Chinese people running it now and they put on a really good buffet just after midnight. There was no trouble at all and everyone had a great time. I finally left around 1:45am.
I was at kid was asleep....and I was online Rolling Eyes
At home. Where else? I was on the computer and watching TV. Honestly, my spirit for a new year, is nonexistent. Thing is, a year is 365.26 days, meaning it wasn't the new year. Razz
My entire band, along with two of the members' girlfriends, spent the night and part of the next day at my house. We basically just sat around playing video games (mainly Guitar Hero and Mortal Kombat) like the bunch of losers that we are. I had a lot of fun though, and my mom made us chocolate chip pancakes on New Year's Day, which made everything even better!
kevin briggs
first of all happy new year to all.
we had a house party with about 12 friends and family,which did not end untill about 5 am.
i hate the thoughts of paying entry into nightclubs and standing in q's to get a drink at the bar then trying to get a taxi home and dodge the fights that break out after closing.
house party is the way to go. Smile Smile Smile Smile
heh great : )

i slept over with some freinds and played cards, had some nice ganja and well, talked a lot of shit. watched some very scary movies at the end but well it turned out to be comedy somehow Razz ..

it was fun - .. didnt sleep at all ..
I went to some place to countdown. Enjoying the fireworks as well. Pretty nice..... Very Happy
I celebrated it in Colombia. I was in the Carribean water at sundown.
i celebrate it with my girlfriend and my best friend with his ex. It was a boring day, just went to buy some computer games and then went to a resort, we thought there will be fireworks like usual which they had it every year, unfortunately, they only play some drum then that it... nothing special...
ThornsOfSorrow wrote:
My entire band, along with two of the members' girlfriends, spent the night and part of the next day at my house. We basically just sat around playing video games (mainly Guitar Hero and Mortal Kombat) like the bunch of losers that we are. I had a lot of fun though, and my mom made us chocolate chip pancakes on New Year's Day, which made everything even better!

My band beats yours Razz

and I celbrated with the one I was awesome Smile
Celebrated with good friends, cheap beer and countless spliffs.
I was with my family and friends, at my sister in laws friends house great beer ended up drunk though was fun Very Happy
(For the first time in the last 19 years) I've spent my new year's eve at home.

Just family Very Happy

P.S. : you think spending new year's eve at home is boring, but the problem is you just haven't found out how to have fun staying home (it comes with age, so don't rush it Wink )

Be Well Cool
I don't really drink, but as I spent New Years in Mexico, my GF and I felt the need to celebrate.

At midnight, we were out on the beach with friends, watching fireworks. After that, we got incredibly drunk and stumbled home. It was probably the most drunk I've ever been, and I don't care to repeat the experience :p
I was performing with old friends as always in Cabo. It is our "once a year get together"l blowout. A time to catchup and have fun Rockin in the new year.
at my woman's
I was out on the town in Edmonton Alberta. Had a great time but had a wicked hangover the next day =(
i went to my gran had dinner and went out with my friends XD it was rly fun
I was just sitting at home, in front of the TV. It was the most boring New Year I've had so far Crying or Very sad
I really had hoped and expected something more exciting in Texas.
I was in the town of Peterborough in Ontario just before midnight. Our kids are 16 and 20 and were at a party. The new year was fun for us (me and the wife) because we saw people preparing for the new year.
I think I probably had the most boring new year eve. I was working the whole day on 31st and by the time I reached home I was so tired that I fell asleep at 10:00!
At my house. I got my friends and my little brother to puke. It wasn't a beautiful scene.
I didn't really go to anywhere special on New Years Eve. My family and I just spent some quality time together at home, and waited for the New Years Day. I would have enjoyed a more exciting way to spend the Eve, though. Like going to a restaurant, as you mentioned.
Chilling at home...
In front of a computer...
Myspacing Peoples...
I spent it as I have since my son was born, with him playing games and we watch the ball fall on tv from times square. We open a bottle of grape juice that is in a bottle that looks like champagne Smile

The most interesting time for a New Years eve was many many years ago when I was in Japan. We went out to several clubs throughout Tokyo, well past midnight this lasted. But before sunrise we made our way to the beach. The beach was full of people all sitting quietly, waiting for the first sunrise of the new year. Before the sun rose you could hear a pin drop, but as soon as the sun hit the edge of the water you could hear gasps. Quite an enjoyable experience.
At a mates house. It was the first time in around ten years, that I didn't go with my parents to their party.
I went to Washington DC. Its not such a fun place, since there wasn't a first night party there. I had to drive over to Virginia for a first nigh party.
Poker night at a friend's plus pasta and party poppers and general things beginning with a 'p'.
In Taiwan, watching fireworks blow out of the tallest building in the world.
I celebrated New Year's by going out to a few places with two of my best friends. We planned on dressing in kimonos and going to GameWorks, which we did. Let me tell you, DDR is hilarious in kimonos, both to watch and to do! It is a LOT harder to do when you have difficulty moving your legs. We got a lot of odd looks from people, but we didn't really mind. We also ended up going to Mitsuwa (local Japanese marketplace) and getting some of the best ramen I've ever had, as well as to the black-light mini-golf place that's not too far from where we live. It was a lot of fun!
I went and saw some bogan bands play, then played my new guitar (I got it on new years eve) till about 5am when I realised the sun was coming up and i should be sleeping.
pashmina wrote:
Well i enjoyed my new year eve with my friends in one of the most, exciting restaurant and bar. it was one of my best new eve party ever!! Really enjoyed the drinks and the food and the dances. The dance party was just great.!!
Really had a lot of fun
Happy new year 2007 to all the frihost team.

i brought my new year in a car heading to a wicked party...

wow if you only knew ... ther were mass girls that were a little intoxicated ( meaning Nudity... and stuff you only see in a porno) well to say the least it was interesting beyond words... i went through like 2 box's of C's ;D other than that it was quite un-eventfull... Very Happy
i spent mine getting kicked out of a nazi bar because my mate was black.
then we went to Brixton and danced with ho's till 6AM.
For my new Year I just stayed at home with my mum and cat in our new home, and watched the fireworks on TV.
on the new year eve i just watching tv on my house. i'm just a guy that don't really like and to lazy to celebrate year change. i think new year party is quite ridiculous.
in our house, with my family. out of town. quite enjoying! Very Happy
I was at the tropical beach in Burma called Chaung Thar with my girl friend, sipping coconut juice straight from the coconut. We created a bon fire and had bbq sea food. Everything was cheap but the experience was priceless. One of my most enjoyable new year celebrations. Very Happy
I went downtown San Francisco with my girlfriend and watched the fireworks over the Ferry Building... a pretty spectacular sight on a cold winter's night.
I was at my place watching star movies, eating a lot and talking to friends.. a silent new year this time around
Ray Gravin
I worked that night. They had this big Disco Dance Party thing were I work and I had to stay there all night selling tickets. It was crazy! We ran out of tickets before midnight and there were people yelling and crying because they waited till the last minute to get in for the ball drop. I did manage to get out before midnight but I was on the bus to get to the employee parking lot when the year turned over. It was weird I could actually feel this weird joyfull energy even though everyone on the buss looked like they forgot to take there depression medication. When I got home I just talked to a bunch of my drunk friends online. It was kinda lousy really.
In front of the London Eye, watching spectacular fireworks. At midnight my boyfriend & I popped a bottle of champagne, enjoyed the rouring crowds, and then did a longgggggg hike back to our hotel in Marble Arch along with hoards of drunk, happy people (we were, too!). It was absolutely awesome.
With some friends shooting cow milk jugs. It's a Dutch sport Wink
Just at home... With my parents.
Had a house party, but being such a great host, I left early to go next door and 'hang out'.

Paid dividend in the end.
January 20th already. New years seems so long ago already :S

I spent my New Years at the Club. Got drunk...then danced the booze out of me..

All in all, pretty good night.
Was at a house party just over the border in Buckinghamshire - near Aylesbury. Was good from what I remember Laughing
Me and my frends in free time are doing some filming something similar to "Jackass the movie" we are named GPSK - "Gluposti i podvale snimljene kamerom" as in "Stupid things and tricks filmed with camera"^^

Each of us gave some cash and we bought a lot of drinks and celebrated the New Year at a winter house that one of us has.
We were all drunk in the morning and it took us about 2 days to clear our heads XD

So I would was a great party
I celebrated it at my home with parents and friends.
In a club in Moscow. Was good except too little blood in alcohol at the end.
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