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Modifying existing cookies?

There are a few sites I visit where I use the "remember me" or "keep me logged in" option. For some of these (notably and, the cookies used to accomplish this are set to expire after one month. Thus, I am able to revisit the site for a month without having to log back in, but then after a month, I'll get a login screen.

To avoid that, I'm wondering if it is possible to do something locally (i.e. on my own system) to modify the expiration value of the cookies in question - effectively making them not expire.

Almost all the sites for which I would like to do this are ones I access through Firefox, but there are one or two for which I must use IE.
Since the cookies are stored as plain text, it's quite easy to modify them. If they are formatted like ExpiresAfter=2592000 (one month in seconds), it's easy. The problem arises if it's encoded somehow.
Stubru Freak
For Firefox, go to C:\Documents And Settings\YOUR_WINDOWS_ACCOUNT\Application Data\Mozilla Firefox\Profiles\default.RANDOM_CHARS\
Open the file cookies.txt.
A line will look like this:
Quote: TRUE / FALSE 2147368452 name value

You need to edit the bold part to something in the far future. 2147368452 means 2037 so that will do.

No idea about IE.
Cool. I'll give it a try.


Internet Explorer (IE) has a folder Cookies\ where cookies are kept as small individual text files, one for each cookie. In Windows 98/Me, the IE cookie folder is a sub-folder of the Windows folder. Windows XP has different folders, one for each user, \Documents and Settings\[User name]\Cookies\. As part of a complex caching scheme, pointers to IE cookies are also kept in the folder Temporary Internet Files\.

For firefox see the Add N Edit Cookies extension which let you manage and edit cookies in an easy way.
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