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FDA says cloned livestock is safe to eat


Final approval of cloned animals for food is months away
FDA: Cloned food safe; doesn't need special labeling
Many consumers are uncomfortable with the idea of cloning
FDA: Cloned animals "virtually indistinguishable" from normal livestock

Should a label indicating it is from a cloned animal be required or not? The current administration is very pro-business as is usually the case for Republican administrations. It is unlikely that a president from a state that produces a lot of beef will have any input other than to say that the FDA is an independent agency (and they are as independent as political appointees can be).
It wouldn't hurt, but if it's not necessary don't have it.
are we going to have to start calling the normal livestock, organic?
The FDA doesn't know shit about it. How can they study the effects of strange DNA, RNA, tissue, resistences etc. over the long run (>50 years). How about fertility issues. Also the ethical discussion hasn't come to a conclusion. Are we, humans allowed to change or to manually evolve nature and ourselves?
Personally I don't think so. But looking at the world food demands I fear we will have too. But the changes will be uninteruptable and cannot be moved back and we will die as a race.
In a way, its kinda good. Would solve the hunger problem in most of the backward nations..

But then again the idea of eating cloned food kinda sounds real odd to me....! I mean, I am just not able to accept that fact...!
We're really past an age where natural equals good and unnatural equals bad. Let's take for example. They're fat, dirty, and they eat a lot. In addition, in their manure is a chemical (phosphorus?) that continuously poisons the waters it comes in contact with, thus polluting the ecosystem in the water. A genetically modified-pig can control an enzyme that ceases, or controls, the flow of this chemical. Tell me, wouldn't you be more comfortable eating a genetically-modified pig that has less poison?

The FDA doesn't really know much about it, but they get their reports from scientists who are experts in the field of this, and if they say there's a reasonable guarantee it's safe, it probably is. I wouldn't actually mind eating cloned food. I'd support the motion to label cloned food, but I wouldn't actually care if I was eating cloned food or not.

The ethical issue, I think, is moot. All living creatures are quite capable of choosing their own path of evolution within a certain margin error. That's how Homo Sapiens have managed to evolve down from the Australopithicus Afarensus. I believe that those who are capable of doing so have the right to manually evolve nature; we have already done so ourselves in the evolution to being sentient beings.
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