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5 Steps To Being More Photogenic

I don't remember where I got this from but I think it's very useful so enjoy:

Not everyone feels comfortable having their picture taken. Unless you attended modeling school or took a ‘how to be more photogenic‘ class in junior high, high school, or college chances are when find yourself in front of a camera you end up, ‘winging it,’ which doesn’t always work out in your favor.

So the question is, why do some people always seem to look good in pictures?

Truth is, some people have a triggered response when they are in front of a camera. They do certain things that make them look better. You can also develop a triggered response that makes YOU look better.

These photogenic steps are based on over 10 years of professional photography and came into being primarily out of financial inspiration.

Put more bluntly, when you photograph people for a living…

- If they don’t like how they look in the pictures
- They do not buy any pictures
- You do not make any money!

So… you learn how to coach people into doing things that make them look good.

Use these 5 steps and you too will develop a triggered response that will insure you look your best.

Step 1

If you observe men and women standing naturally without ANY coaching, you’ll notice there is a BIG difference between how they stand. Women naturally shift weight to one foot. Doing so angles the body slightly, tips the shoulders a little, and angles the head just a bit. This stance immediately adds dimension to any photo, it looks more interesting and natural.

Men on the other hand, we tend to face squarely into the camera with weight evenly distributed on both feet. We have all seen the results, pictures that look stiff, unnatural, and very plain looking.

Here’s the solution.

If you are standing - turn slightly and rest your weight on one foot. It may FEEL goofy, but you WILL look better.

If you are sitting – angle to one side or the other.

Step 2

Lean slightly toward the camera – Leaning slightly toward the camera adds interest, dimension, and a natural look to a photo. Think of having a long neck like a gazelle, and tilt your chin down just a bit to avoid the appearance of a double chin and also to prevent the camera from getting a view right up your nostrils.

Step 3

Learn how to change your state – No, I don’t mean if you live in Idaho you need to move to Oregon. Changing state means going from level 1 to level 5, or in other words, instead of looking like you were caught off guard, you look natural and like you are enjoying yourself.

Models are taught to change state by developing a ‘trigger.’ So when they are about to have their picture taken, even if they are in a crummy mood, they can go from level 1 to level 5 in a heart beat. Firing a trigger is a reminder to do the things that make you look good. Believe it or not, THE most successful trigger we found over the years was called the ‘rear cheek squeeze.’ It’s really cool because it’s inconspicuous. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like; you squeeze the cheeks of your rear end together. Don’t make fun of it until you try it. To see it’s effectiveness try this experiment. Ask someone to sit on a chair and then ask them to squeeze their cheeks together. I have not met ONE person who doesn’t immediately smile and say something like, okay, now what?

Step 4

Learn to ¾ smile – People just don’t like pictures of themselves with huge smiles. Smiling too big exposes gums and causes your eyes to turn into slits.

Step 5

Never look directly at the lens – ALWAYS, look slightly ABOVE the lens.

Here are some additional tips if you know you are going to have your photo taken and you have a little time to prepare.

1. If needed, use ‘teeth whitener’ to have pearly white teeth - it does make a difference. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to brighten your smile. Get a teeth whitening kits at your local pharmacy.

2. Dress for timelessness - Stay away from patterns, go more for solids. Example: horizontal stripes will make you look heavy. Don’t wear red, black or white. Digital cameras sometimes have problems with red. Black and white offer too much contrast.
these are good tips, i've been doing the neck extension thing for my shoots but i certainly have never tried the 'look above the lense' tip. thanks!
Tnx man!
sound good...i will try it next time...
thank you!
Thank you for the tips, hopefully more of my pictures will turn out nicely! Laughing
Nice tips dude.

Thanks for sharing the information. From next time, let me try these things.

keep smiling Smile
nice tips. im not really sure about the butt sqeezing technique though. Laughing
wow it's nice tips mate

coz i'm not fotogenic in front of camera Very Happy Very Happy

thanks for this tips
but if you really are ugly i dont think any of these tips will help you "look good"! Laughing
Wow thanks, some really nice tips there. Very Happy
This seems more like an attempt to get points than it does to really spread on tips.
i dont think you can get points if you are quoting something, you only get points for non quoted material
Thanks for passing this along, it's very usefull.
I alway look soooo crap on pic and I hate having my pic taken (unless I can modifie it on my puter lol).
The butt squeas dooda will certainly put a smile on my face Laughing
step 5 is a nice tip ! thanx
Captain Fertile
Did the tips mention tilt your head? I was told this by a photographer, contantly telling me to tilt my head when I was getting my picture taken.

Models really do a god job because there is a whole bunch of things to just standing in front of the camera.

While I don't like the posts which are just cut and paste jobs but this was interesting. If it was an attempt to get points it wan't agreat one because you don't get points of text in quotes as I understand it - so the poster did the right thing here when dealing with cutting pasting qutes.

Thanks for posting I found the tips useful.
When you squeeze these cheeks, do you do it with your hands, or through the manipulation of the butt-muscles? I'm just thinking that while your face may look relaxed, any picture will be awkward when you have your hands groping your ass. Anyway, you forgot the most important tip to being photogenic- you have to have a sexy face (or an awesome bone structure, whichever works).
As an armature photographer I always try to take candid portraits, since you have a much better chance of getting a person in their more natural (and photogenic) state, which usually means that their face is turned slightly away from the camera. While this perspective (about a 1/3 turn away from the viewer) can be interesting, I like the images where the subject is looking at some point near, but never directly at, the camera much better. This can be a little difficult while maintaining their candid "pose", but when it works out I think that you get a much better picture than attempting to coach them into both acting natural and not looking at the camera. But if you're specifically taking pictures of somebody with their active knowledge of the fact (in other words they know you are taking pictures of them, and are constantly aware of your presence and purpose), then I find these steps useful.
Cool! I will actually try this. Especially the 3/4-smile and the butt cheek thing. I always smiles to much in photos :/
Also, chin down & look up, not chin up looking down.
Nice tips,let me have a try.
Thanks for putting that put, I shall try the Rear Cheek Squeeze!
Thank you for this tips. They helped me.
For the rear cheek squeeze, the photographer tells the model to squeeze the rear cheeks to make the model smile or is it that when being taken a picture of, just squeeze our own rear cheeks? Confused
nice tips man! Very Happy
this one is a good article.
Yea these tips seem good, I'll try them out next time.
I tried, but it's really hard to do the 3/4 smile thingy.
I dont quite understand what it really means.. Confused

But looking below the camera lens surely worked for me Smile
Why would you have to look 'slightly above the lens'? Doesn't that make you squint or something? Like some people who have a problem with their eyes, one eye goes that direction, the other one the other direction? Get the... "picture"?? Haha. No seriously, why?
I like these tips! Im gonna try em for our holiday pics - hope I dont look like a suckerfish when squeezing the cheeks!
No I m becoming a model.
Wow, those are so great, thank you! I especially liked the dress for timelessness one....a picture taken with something fashionable now will look goofy years from now, so its best to do what you suggest there!
That's great! I'll be sure to try the butt cheeck squeeze thing sometimes soon. Also, I think photoshop works just as well for whitening teeth. Surprised
Thanks again...just in time for the holidays!

Another tip is to make sure the camera is not below you but at eye level or higher. This avoids unflattering angles.
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