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what are you doing for new year?

what are you doing for new years or
what do you plan on doing or
hope your doing??
Well, it's 12:35 here in Illinois, and I plan on watching the Chicago Bears kill (not literally) the Green Bay Packers tonight at 7:00.

Let's go Bears! Laughing
babysitting a one year old and a 4 year old for $50 while my brother and stepbrother go to the biggest party ever thrown in my metroplex.
What I'm doing: Uh... surfing the net, yeah.
What I'm planning on doing: Playing some video games, then going to bed at around 10pm.
What I'm hoping on doing: NOT getting woken up at midnight by half a dozen different countdowns within about a half an hour period.
I just gonna have some fun, watch some funny tv shows and eat a lot of delicious food. eat a lot of food.......
and furthermore: just relax
I will probably hang out with some friends, go riding around, and I might watch the countdown
I'll be hanging with my friends, then mosey over to a hotel for the night. I'll watch the ball drop, swim, play games, and have fun!

Welcome 2007
Nameless wrote:
What I'm doing: Uh... surfing the net, yeah.
What I'm planning on doing: Playing some video games, then going to bed at around 10pm.
What I'm hoping on doing: NOT getting woken up at midnight by half a dozen different countdowns within about a half an hour period.

you are weak
Most likely going with family it appears. There might be some last-minute changes, so I can't say for sure.
We are sitting at home in this winter watching programmes on the television. I always prepare fried eggs for the family along with tea on New Year eve.
We also pray to the Divine and surrender our aspirations for the New Year at His feet.
We have virtually stopped going out to hotels which cost quite a lot to see the New Year programmes which go on well past midnight.
I'm in Taipei, Taiwan right now, so the new year is already here where I am! I just watched a ton of fireworks blow out of the tallest building (101) in the world.

After I rest, I'm celebrating my 22nd birthday with family. Very Happy
I'm not really sure of what I'm going to be doing on New Years Day. However, my family is probably just going to take me to a restaurant with most of my family and relatives. That's my steriotypical way of putting it, considering that my family always does that on a holiday. Razz

There may be last minute changes along the way, though. So, I might get to do something a little more different this New Year.
I had a pretty lonely New Years. I drank at home and watched the fireworks display on TV.
it with friends...

we helped rebuild their barn many years ago..

we converted it from a horse barn to a party barn. Since then we have had several parties a year there!
Well I am finally home. Been around the world heading east (wrong way) doing a USO thing. My last stop (personal) was in Cabo for a New Year's EVE party.
Its a new year, filled with new opportunities, new challenges, and new experiences...

Everyone starts the year with resolutions..lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking blah blah...mine is to pay more attention to my health and make more time for the people that I love.

Everyone has people in their life that make this life worth living. Those amazing people that make you feel like everything is worth it, everything is okay, and no matter how many mistakes you make...these people make you feel like youre a good enough person to have them in your life. I need to make more time for these people.

Since everyone has these people in their life, that means everyone must have some beauty in them. Something that makes people love them for who they are...nothing more, nothing less. I will also try to remember this and find the beauty in these people to live my life without hate in my heart.

This year was very difficult for myself and many of the important people in my issues, family deaths, hospitalizations, and many other personal challenges. These challenges have effected us in ways that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. We are fortunate that a year like 2006 is few and far in between but it is extremely difficult nonetheless.

Whenever confronted with such adversity I turn to eastern philosophy for strength (and ninja stories because you know how freaking cool ninjas are). In the art of war (yeah Im a dork, whatever) my favorite story is the how Han Hsin and his army defeated the Chao State, even though they were outnumbered and outskilled. Han Hsin knew what his army was up against so he placed his army in front of a river, and ordered them to burn all their boats and cooking pots. By doing this, if his army retreated they would drown, if they stayed they would starve, and if they gave up they would die. They fought and they won.

This is what you have to do in life. Adversity will come at you and you will think that your only option is to give up. Succomb to something greater, succomb to grief, or succomb to mediocrity. This is the easy option, the one with less effort, but the one that will overpower you. The chinese symbol for crisis is the combination for the symbol for danger and the symbol for opportunity. Adversity can be an adventure if you let it be greater than the danger. So my biggest resolution for 2K7 is to put a river behind me...because you dont give a freaking ninja Smile
When it was new year, I'm not going anywhere. I'm participated a new year event on an Online Game.
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