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I'm being pressured... suggestions?

Right now I am being pressured by many people to decide what I want to do with my life and which college to attend. My favaorite subjects are math and science. I like all types of math and my two favorite sciences are physics and astronomy. I don't want to teach because I don't have the patience or talent for it, so does any one have any suggestions on what I could do with what I like? I've always wanted to work in a lab, doing experiments, and making discoveries. But at the same time I've always wanted to work with space and rockets. Does anyone know of a career that would be suitable for these interests?
I'm interested in the same kinds of things, and I think that maybe you should think about being a NASA engineer or scientist, or maybe some other space agency that you would prefer. That really sounds like it would be good for you, but even if you decide you don't want to become that that you should look into going into the field of engineering.
theres lots of things out there
decide what you like to do in ur life
(computers, internet, drawing, photos, etc)
I think , best for you to become a scientist or engineer. Maybe you could ask your parents, share with your friend or psychologist to decide your best job. Wish you luck pals..
Well if you like maths and science, i'd advise doing maths and physics doctoral degree in some colledge ( depends where you are) because thats what NASA would be looking for. You should check out their website, it might give you a few ideas. hope i was of some help.

P.S. kinda the same sitiation realy! Confused
You don't have to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life right now. College is there so you can explore your career options. You might find something totally unexpected that you like!

If you end up doing research, don't work in a research university... they might make you teach!@!
U could do a general bachelor of Science where u can do maths and physics and all those subjects, so u can get a feel for what u want to do. then in your later years of ur degree u can pick a major it might be in maths or IT or whatever.

Engineering is also another option you can look at that involves alot of maths and problem solving.
Aerospace Engineering sounds up your alley. You can get your space/rocket experience that you want and you can bury yourself in research if you want or you can do quite well money-wise in actual industry.
Not paying any attention to the jobs in specific, I'm going to say go with what your gut tells you. You're the one that ultimately needs to live with your choice of careers, and believe me it's not an easy thing to change later in life.

I had a lot of pressure when too before I got into college. Everyone had excellent advice, and I appreciated all of it. But when it came down to it, the choice of careers they would have had me do would have made me miserable. I found something that I enjoyed far more and ended up making more money doing it.

Do some research. Visit some facilities to find out more about your choices. Make sure you're comfortable with the choice you make.
It sounds like you are probably more of a team player than a leader. I would suggest that you look into Reaserch & Developement/Engineering in the scientific feild that most interests you. Then choose a school that is known for that feild.
If you're deciding where to go to college, I'm guessing you're around the age of senior in high school. If that's the case, then I think it's pretty closed minded to decide on any field. Most people have many different jobs throughout their careers - some that fit them nicely and others that don't.

I think it's more about who you're with than what you're doing. Imagine the worst job you could possibly have... but you get to do it with all of your best friends. Or imagine the best job ever, but if you couldn't stand anyone you worked with.

Point is, keep an open mind and realize that what you choose now probably isn't where you will be twenty years from now.
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