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IE explorer cannot open web page

Hello all,

I'm having trouble with my web site. People using IE explorer cannot open the page, but those using Fire Fox can open the page. I tried this myself with IE explorer 6, and the status bar in the lower left corner states the page is "Done" loading, but nothing displays on the screen, not even an error message (just plain white). I tried opening the page on different computers and receive the same result using IE explorer. I can display the generic index page, but cannot display the page I created. Any idea what's happening?

Thanks for your help.
I wanted to see if I could help you, but I could not find your site name. I would guess the problem is with the code in your page. If you have access to IE, you might try putting pages other than index.html on your site and see whether all of them have the same problem. If a simple "hello world" page won't work, then maybe the account setup is bad.

If you post more details, you may get more help with this.
Next time, links may help. Wink

IE is a horrible browser, relying on completely 100% well coded sites which is rare. Firefox was made with the understanding that humans make mistakes and therefore allows for a certain degree of error. The error in your case was the the spelling of the closing title tag Wink
<title>Baby Felton's web page</tille>

It doesn't have a clue what to do with it and so goes to sleep Razz
Change it to title and it works (checked and verified Smile ).
Is that because of the encoding method of the browser?

It happens when improper encoding was chosen automatically by default in IE, and the web page will not be displayed correctly or even do not display nothing.

Try to choose the encoding method by hand to exclude this factor. Then let's see what happens. Anyway, Firefox is most time much smarter than IE.

However, it occurs to me that some <img> tag in my website ain't displayed at all in firefox, but work fine in IE and Mac's browser (how is it called?), anyway, they have both advantages Wink
Thanks to everyone who helped me figure this out. This example verifies how much attention to detail one must give when programming.

I fixed the this by spelling <title> correctly, and it now works with IE. Very Happy
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