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Firefly fans?

I just watched this entire series last week, and the film Serenity as well. Absolutely terrific stuff, though I liked the show more than the movie. Any fans here?

It's too bad that FOX tends to be hasty cutting great shows that they have in their fall lineup. I have the box DVD set however, I haven't had time to watch FireFly, but if the movie is any indicator of the show, then I'm sure it'll be just as great.

On a side note, Wheddon is also a comic book writer, so his materials are usually fairly good. Smile
I Agree with datter. The movie was a little rushed, but Joss had to tell a lot of story in a short amount of time. I wonder what it would have been like to see the events of the movie unfold over the course of a TV series. It would have been interesting and not as forced.

The show has its good points, but it was only getting started. Some shows need time to settle into a groove and Firefly is a perfect example, another great example was Tru Calling, but thats for a different board.


Maybe the serie is even better then stargate. i realy love the serie firefly and the movie serenity.
Great series and I thought the movie rocked, also. The movie could maybe have been better, but I was just sooooo thankful for an ending to the series. I thought Firefly was easily one of the top SciFi TV shows ever. Good scripts, good characters, good science (in general), good effects. And just enough quirkiness to t it apart.
Wow, it's been a year since I've seen any Firefly-related stuff (that was Serenity - the film). The show was already cancelled before I noticed it (while I was a fan of Buffy and Angel, I'm not a fan of westerns in any form), finally bought the DVDs, loved it.

Actually, there's been too little Whedon in my life lately - other than being forced to rewatch the first X-Men film (alas, also very little Whedon there), and catching one of the Roseanne eps some months back in a very bored mood Smile

And yes, the movie seemed rushed, although there's still some good stuff in it. And Whedon is one of the few directors who can pull off a onetake these days without pulling all attention towards the form.
I agree the series was better, but for understandable reasons. This is one of those series that will always have a huge following, but probably won't ever come back to tv as it's time has passed and actors moved on. It was a huge mistake to cancel it in the first place. But will they ever admit it?
I got introduced to firefly by a friend, and i watched all episodes in a straight. Quite awesome show, and yeah what a great shame that it got canceled!

Im filling the void with Battlestar Galactica, check that one out if you already havent.
Firefly was cancelled as soon as I started watching it, I was already pissed of with Fox for pulling Angel, then they cancelled the only show that looked like it would be as good as for watching when nothing else is on.

The movie was a bit dissapointing, the rush job on the preacher was really depressing, he seemed like he had a lot of potential as a character, Jane was underused and I never liked the weird girl (name eludes me right now).

The series however is great, "Town Called Jane" is easily one of the best TV eps I've seen in a long time.

Real, real shame they cancelled it Sad
Lusiphur wrote:
The movie was a bit dissapointing, the rush job on the preacher was really depressing, he seemed like he had a lot of potential as a character, Jane was underused and I never liked the weird girl (name eludes me right now).

Weird girl? Kaylee? River?
I didn't really see a rush-job on Shepherd Book so much. Sure he got a lot less screen-time than he had in the series, but if you read the Serenity 3-issue comics (or collected graphic novel) it explains a bit of what happens inbetween the series and the start of the movie. And it certainly ties up some loose ends from the series with the "Two-by-two, hands of blue" guys.
I've been watching this series again over the last couple of weeks. A truly great series and a shame it was cut.

Whereas other, lesser shows are still going after about seven seasons...
Ive watched the movie Serenity, but Ive never watched the series, not even a single episode. The movie I can say is above average, good sci-fi. Based on what oyu guys been saying I just might have to watch the series too.
I was introduced to Firefly by a good friend having a marathon. Since then, I've come to own the series on DVD, as well as Serenity. I think I've kind of come full circle though, since as I write this I'm sitting in another friend's living room, in the middle of another Firefly marathon Smile

Yes, it is an awesome show. Occasionally I wonder about what it could have become if it wasn't cancelled. Maybe it couldn't have been as good. Maybe it would have died slowly - much though I don't think any of Joss' other shows did. But Black Books, which I'm also a fan of died slowly, but it's later seasons were still worth making, and worth watching. So I can't help thinking about that 'What If' - because it would have been *fantastic*!
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