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Taiwan Earthquake

Beacause of the earthquack I can not view our and other website at USA(eg. .
I am in China now,and I think you can not view Chinese website too.such as
I must use proxy Ips, or I can not login our forum,the speed of browser is so slow.
Somebody say that this condition will continue at least two weeks.
God bless!
It suck, I can't view Chinese site. Man, no wonder why my friend haven't reply me e-mail yet.
I live in the Philippines and it's affecting the net connection here too. Sigh.. but it's better than yesterday.
how are they going to fix the sub-ocean cable?
You should fix the title, Earthquake.
alexdude wrote:
You should fix the title, Earthquake.

Fixed Smile
I'm actually in Taiwan right now visiting family. Luckily, I'm in Taipei though, too far for any real damage. However, transactions using credit cards takes awhile longer due to the earthquake.
My connection over were very slow Evil or Very Mad

Two days ago my company network breaks-down too Mad
At malaysia here, the broadband speed, although still slow, but is slowly gaining speed from what I have observed. Let's hope it will get back to the speed before the earthquake.
I only found out about this today, really terrible. No one ever thinks of the devastation, by earthquake's to the millions of krazy interneter's Wink
i am in Hong Kong. Some days ago, i still cannot go to the sites in the US and Europe.... now, i think some cables have been repaired, at least i can come to here, right ? However, the connecting speed is still very low. The news said that the whole construction work takes around 2 weeks to complete.... actually the whole east asia faces the same problem...

you see how vulunrable we are.... just an earthquake...
In case anyone dosent know, the earthquake in taiwan damaged the underwater cables, thus disrupting internet connection. The earthquake affected South-eastern asia. Now the internet in malaysia is 3.1kbps, download speed, which is really slow... even my internet here isnt as fast as it was before. I do hope they have this condition resolved soon.
At least now, I can load a Chinese page in 30 second, better than before, 15 minute... still very slow though...

My friend say the only way as of right now to have a fast connection over is to use one of the Satellite in space and establish a connection. However, that is probably not legal... Isn't that kind of stealing someone's satellite?
same here in Hong Kong, we were also affected by the earthquake in Taiwan. I couldn't even login to Frihost and that made my points losing day by day with no help, poor me Crying or Very sad
Our internet connection became very slow on that day. When I called up the support/customer support of the internet service provider here, they told me that it was because of the earthquake in Taiwan that effects the internet cable in the sea which in turn effects the whole region and beyond..
Hmm, that's pretty unlucky. My internet usually doesn't go down alot in the USA.

Well, I hope that your internet gets better, and Taiwan and Taiwan's internet get better after the Earthquake has passed.
I cannot access frihost after the earthquake as well. I cannot post and earn point. Luckily today the internet connection is better, although it is still slow. Hope it will get back to normal as soon as possible.
The Taiwan earthquake affects me to visit the overseas website.
influential Netcom eight cable damage 6 interruption of cable telecommunications. now gradually being restored. I used the online service of telecommunications
Taiwan earthquake create so much frustration and loss in our country and other neighborhood countries. I just wonder why our call centers here are still up and running. They said they have redundancy installations of internet connection. That is when other path goes down or offline, other path is taken. They pass through other pathways. I wonder why other companys did not think about this. Another question is where did they pass through? Wireless I think. According to the news, Our connection is passing through Taiwan then to Japan then to USA.
yeah, before that i thought the line was through wireless, i mean the satelite, after this incident, now only i know they use cable under the sea... the technology nowadays was already high, coudn't someone figure it out to design something using wireless?? and why only US is the main internet server?? is this mean US monopolize the internet services??
they use a subocean robot to connect thousands of cables whose radius is mere 1/100 mm, it is a hard work,
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