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if I like drawing, Japan, and travelling, what should I DO?

I don't really know what I want to do after I graduate. I'm 16 and about to enter college (taking AB Communication Arts) but I'm still not sure about it. I really enjoy drawing. I want to design things for companies (like coming up with a print for H&M/bag design for LeSportSac) or make my own company and sell stuff I design....what do you guys think? ^_^
i think u should really look into design, i am a designer myself. i want to design anything and everything. look into what is going to allow u to design, keep a steady job, and be creative. that will be your meat and u like 3d? game design? print design? web design? architecture? etc...become a master at one thing, then on the side, create other stuff u wanna do as extra freelance or possible contract work. that way u have a steady job that pays the bills, and u have the flexibility to be for travelling,hat can come as you work, u might travel to milan to design a runway, or goto japan and design a just for japan, who wouldn't love to go there and study? good idea!!!!
Consider an animation school like D.A.V.E. in Orlando, FL. You will be able to get an excellent education using state-of-the-art tools down there and it'll be an excellent springboard for whatever your next career choice is regardless of what element of the field you're looking to investigate. I know people who want to do everything from Shrek animators to WWE video producers who have attended that school.
well they are giving jobs out with a good payment at the creators of runescape they are in need of 3D-Artwork and much more but if not just take your time looking at the details Smile
I read somewhere the Government gives out grants for artists to "Exand their artist abilities" and vist Foreign countries.
Do some design course. But it does come down to what sort of stuff you like to design. Building interiors? Product design? Architecture?
well, i guess you can do all of them. if u like to draw, then u keep drawing, then u can draw the japan places where you like to visit. and while travelling, u can draw as well. sometime, a good ARTis need to have their own ART style.
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