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Best 2006's player

Did Cannavaro deserve the best player of 2006?
 100%  [ 1 ]
No, Zidane was deserved it.
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Did Cannavaro deserve the best player of 2006?
I've seldom seen such a valuable player to a world cup team and a club team, so i'd say yes. He's not only an excellent defender but also a perfect leader, ofcourse that's why he is captain of the Italian team.

I was also thinking about Ronaldinho, because he means something to the sports and to the children on the street. Children nowadays can't identify themselves with a solid defender, no.. they want to make actions and goals like Ronaldinho or Ronaldo used to do. I just hope they will understand that there's more to football than a good technique and many goals.
Hoogeveense RAT
I don't know how Cannavaro played the whole yeat, but for me was he the best player at the FIFA World cup 2006.
NO,i don't think he deserved it.
As has been mentioned already, his impact on Italy during the World Cup was pretty amazing, and he had several games that were completely flawless, don't think any other player in the world played at that level throughout so many games. He's been slacking off lately when coming to Real, but I bet that's just the Real mentality getting to him.
To me, Cannavaro has been the world's best central defender for the last couple of years, I don't see anyone else being as commanding both in club and national team and playing at the constant level of skill that he has been...
Cannavaro deserved it. He's a top class player. Although I thought Kaka and Steven Gerrard deserved to be close.

As I've said in other threads before, Ronaldinho just doesn't work for the team enough to warrant a place. Stop people passing to him and he does nothing to win the ball back for his team. He's a lazy player unless he has the ball.
Well Cannavaro got the price only because he did very well in the World cup.

For me - the best player is Ronaldinho.
Drogba, anyone else deserve this?
For the 2006/2007 season I think it's a forgone conclusion that Christiano Rolaldo will win the Player Of The Year award in England, and "should" be the front runner for the European and World player of the year award. Drogba will be a close second as things stand.

Having said that, no doubt the usual suspects will be named among the list. The likes of Figo, Beckham, Raul etc, despite none of them doing anything of note for a fair few year now.

The UEFA and FIFA awards are flawed , and are shortlisted by people who know nothing about the game.
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