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ebay- worth the effort?

Hey So what do yu all think. Ifg I wanted to make $100 a month or so beyh selling handmade art on eBay and don't really want to make it the focus of my life, do you think it's worth the effort? Seems like people put alot of time into making less than $5 so I guess it's about volume. What do you think?
I think you can set the starting price and/or minimum purchase amounts so you have some control over how much you make on each piece of art. Obviously you do not want to set the price too high or you will get no bids. I suspect you can easily do what you describe but if it becomes an issue, all you have to do is stop selling items.
It ought to work out well if your products are good and you don't set too high a price. You might not earn 100$ a month right away, but eventually you could..

If you've got a good rep for legitimacy in ebay, that also helps. ^_^
I reckon you'd do well if you set the prices just right and treat the customers well. Very Happy I do the odd bit of selling on E-bay....I find doing that works quite well. Very Happy
Well as you said, the amount and the choice of your products is what will matter. You'd want to make each of your works different, otherwise you'll sell them at a low price (people wont bid high money if there are 20 replicants available you see), of course it's your marketing that will mater too (nice photo's and discriptions). E-bay is good for selling rare items or unusual items. hope this helped Smile
i dont know
i dont know
I ran an ebay business for a while, its hard to turn a profit because of the fee's they get you with, but if your producing the product yourself. and you sell a good deal of it, absolutly you could make decent money.
it is especially if you can provide yourself with free objects i.e freebies...that way you can get items to sell online and not waste any (or alot ) of your money...take a friend of mine, he found a perfectly working computer screen 17" not flat screen, he sold it on ebay for 20...there he made a that to a lot of items and you could easily make 60-80 a day
With eBay, its about Market.
Have you searched to see what other "homemade" art sellers are making? I know I have bought a Few. Also, something else you might look into that I just tried, is signing up on YouTube or LiveVideo and maybe record tidbits of you actually making the art, both of the aforementioned site have "embed" links that you can paste right into your eay listing. I did this with a laptop, it is the next best thing to a live demostraion and it worked like a charm, a laptop that had once gotten no bids sold with Buy it Now in less than 48 hours.

Hope it helps!
I know it's a month after you've posted, but I hope this information will still be helpful.
You might also want to check out other sites that cater more to the arts. I, for one, love Etsy. I've also people selling stuff on personal journals like on myspace and Livejournal. Marketing matters a LOT--it doesn't matter how amazing your art is if noone hears about it. Anyway, good luck with selling, and let us know how it goes!
well lets say ebay is a quite unhandy site
i dislike the way it is working
i dislike the site completely
here in The Netherlands i like a lot more
but i know on ebay if you try hard enough and youre product is nice
well yes i think you could make that 100 a month maybe more..
only its a lot of work if you dont mind about that go for it
give it a try its worth to try it if it doesnt work well too bad if it works that 100 a month could become more and more in the future

good luck with it greets Charlie
i did a bit of selling in eBay myself. it's actually at a local site (, so the experience might be a bit different, but selling stuff i no longer needed did give me some easy cash when i needed it. Very Happy of course it's nothing big -- clothes, some cellphone accessories, some old gadgets -- but if i were running short on my allowance, and my sales helped.

eBaying DID get kind of addicting. Very Happy fortunately i didn't come across any scammers, though there ARE a lot of those in eBay -- many sellers do mean business, and that's a good thing the people i've dealt with are honest folks. i only stopped this online buy-and-sell thing because i was buying so much more than i was selling, and i was actually losing money for my purchases than i was actually selling. heheh.
eBay is ok. I've sold about a dozen things and only had one problem (where a guy said he never received the goods). This was a pretty cheap item though so I just gave him his money back.

Other than that I have offloaded a few things that have made a bit of money, and also made a few good purchases. So it's pretty handy to have around.
E-bay is a tough one, because there is alot of scamming out there, and no real contracts to be tied into when buying (users get thrown out of ebay and just re-register as someone else), so it can be risky espeically with electrial goods etc. Its a nice side hobbie i think, and if you are selling .like handmade art, it is very risk free, because you are not needing to spend alot of money first.
Your not going to make a living out of it if you dont have a businesss mind, and people with business mainds are willing to not sell on e-bay and actually setup a shop, so unless you have that in mind first, then making a living is very unlikely.
Just remember buyers on e-bay are there for two reasons - either bargin hunting, or specific item hunting, anything else and they will buy from a shop either high street or online.
If you can sell a specific product that is hard to buy anywhere esle, or can undercut everyone elses price on a regular item, then your onto a winner.
PC World sell 3m network cables in the UK for well over 7.00, i work in IT, and i know i can get these for under 1, but i tried selling them for 1 and didnt get a single bid, the reason for it is buyers goto PC World when they are desparate for a cable and these things need to be bougth instantly, anybody else in IT who needs these, can also get them form there suppliers for the same price as me....its a pure example that i dont have the correct business mind to get the best out of what ebay has to offer for the dedicated!
If you have read down to here i thank you, and hope it helps others when looking to sell on ebay Wink
Shipping is the number one cost when selling or marketing an item on e-bay. IF you pay for it customers are more likely to buy your product, however this cuts into profit margins and then you need to sell more. IF you market it right and get a shipping contract through fed ex or eBay then you could easily make $100\month or more depending how good your "homemade" art is.
You can always try selling locally through Craigslist, if there's a site for your area to save on shipping. I find that it's a quicker, easier way to sell an item without all the hassle of ebay and paypal. The buyer arranges the pickup time and pays cash.
well, according to my point of view here and since I'm an Asian, I have a good deal with e-bay.

The very first point is currency matter. I have RM1 to US$3.65 Currency exchange here. So, let's say I can get a 5lb Salt Lamp for RM25.00, I can find that e-bay user was selling US$39.99 excluding shipping. That's a good thing for me of course hahaha
If you don't want to deal with ebays fees there's another site that is just for homemade stuff. there's a lot of art stuff on there and it might be worth listing some stuff to see how popular it will be.
Theres loads of sites out there that are auction sites, the trouble is, ebay has the most memebers and therefore more people are likely to look at what you are selling, the smaller site will proably have more specialist stuff, so if you find one that is selling your products you may have some luck, although the thing there is it is no longer going to be very "one-off" on these sites
Perhaps art work is more personal and you would have more luck showing it personally to people? The problem is that the huge benefit of E-bay is that you dont have to do any more work once it is all set up, people can have a look day and night. But then again it might be difficult to let people know the essence of your work over the web. Haveing videos embedded sounds like a good idea to me!
Handmade art doesn't really seem to do so hot on ebay and most other sites...unless it's something extremely unique that catches peoples eyes, most people probably wouldn't be bothered to buy it, really. You might have a better chance on this site here, it's called etsy and is basically only for art and craft-related stuff. It's really more of a "store" kinda site versus auction, but I do know people who are really into it and have bought some stuff off it, so you might find better success there with like-minded people. Good luck!
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