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How to block an IP

I'm hacked by somebody now, and I can't do anythine by By my computer, now Iam using mobile. My question is how to rescue from that hacker? or how to block IP?
Im not quite sure that someone hacking into your PC would prevent you from doing anything at all on your PC. I have encountered various trojan horses such as the infamous BO2K / SUB7 and their clones that can effectivly take control of your computer remotely. If this is what you believe to have happend i suggest firstly disconecting your PC from the internet as this is how the hacker would access the affore mentioned Trojans and take control of your machine. To be honest i would think this is very unlikly to be the problem.
You should also do a full virus scan using a DOS based scanner if you can't access windows properly. For this try the DOS version of NOD32 it's small enough to fit on a floppy and you can get it here :-

I cant really give you any more precise info as i'm not to sure on exactly what is happening on your machine, but if you believe you have been hacked then a virus scan is a good start Smile

Thank you very much turbosquid. But what about blocking an ip? How to do it?
unplug your network connectoin immediately.

then scan your system for suspicious instances and backdoor ports.

try some anti-virus soft like norton tools.

hope you can survive it.

The last but not least method, make backup of your files and reinstall your system.
Blocking an IP from your pc?
Are you running a server or forum?

A firewall can block ports that a hacker may be trying to exploit.

Spywareblaster will block most malware from getting on your machine.
Some firewalls like ZoneAlarm are able to ban IPs i tink... you may want to try them if you really nid to ban an IP address.
A Firewall would do it or reformatting your computer. If not a firewall then a router would most certainly do the job. I had a similar problem once, and just got a router. The router is really good for LAN parties and home networks.
The best way for posix systems is with netfilter / iptables.
Well, you could always use your router/modem to block certain ip provided you are on routing mode. You just have to access your router/modem web configuration page and and key in the ip you wish to block in the the firewall/filtering section(something like that). Besides, using NAT would also help.
Use a firewall or even a router. Routers will mask your real IP and assign a fake IP address for you.
jay84h wrote:
Use a firewall or even a router. Routers will mask your real IP and assign a fake IP address for you.

Now, they wont.
All routers mask the real IP address with the false IP (192.168...)
I don't know how u can block certian IP or range of IPs unless u use a firewall. ZoneAlarm is quite enough for carry out this tasks.
You can block certain IP's with Zone Alarm, it's good for that. The thing I found and noticed though is Zone Alarm is pretty heavy on the firewall part so for example, if you play an IP game with a friend, such as NHL07, then you'll have to allow their IP.
jay84h wrote:
All routers mask the real IP address with the false IP (192.168...)

No. Routers use Network Address Translation to sort out which internet-packets belong to which PC on the local network. To the outside world your PC has the IP of your router (which is neither false or fake). On the local network your PC is known by its local IP (which is also not false or fake). Fake or false IP's have nothing to do with routers. Maybe you are thinking of proxy's which mask your IP to a certain extent.
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