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What is a good TV for under $2K?

I'm looking at getting a new TV and want to spend less than $2K,
preferably ~$1500.

I'm thinking LCD (no plasma), 1080, projection and at least 50".

Any thoughts on brands or models?

Any links to good online sources for TV's?

How do DLP sets compare to LCD sets?

How do you feel about 720 resolution sets?

Contrast ratio and brightness specs are hard to determine standing in a store.
i am not a tv person so i wouldn't know a lot a bout this

but you should talk to my friend

well, you can try major internet sites:

if you try hard enough, you would probablly find it
You could get a pretty decent TV in $2000.
Well, I feel you could go for one of these things.
1. Bose (try these guys). Awesome sound quality and power. They are the masters of sound systems.
2. Sony (try the LCD's of Sony. They are pretty good actually. YOu know, the Bravia and the Wega. You could get a 60 inch Bravia in 2k Dollars)
3. Samsung (wait for a few months. these guys are coming with a whole new cutting range of High Definition TV's which might interest you.)
Insane, I'm leaning towards the Sony SXRD series.
I have seen Samsung HDTVs in stores and online rumors of them putting out a 102" model. Is that what you are talking about? If not, do you have a link?
My dad just got himself a 42" plasma from I think it was Sanyo for around $1500 I think. I know you said you were looking for a projection TV but if you can get a 50" plasma for the same price...why not?
I don't want a plasma TV.
Plasma is going to be another Betamax.
I believe plasma is a built in planned obsolescence marketing scam.
Of course the mfg will hype up the rhetoric,
"OH, plasma is getting better all the time" they will state emphatically.
That is the same thing as saying
"Yes, those problems exist. But, trust us, it will be OK. Would we lie to you?"
They love to sell plasma over LCD.
They know that a plasma buyer will be a repeat buyer in 10 years.
In 10 years after the gas has deteriorated or leaked,
they will not be worth fixing,
you'll throw it away and buy another.

After 10 years a LCD will need a new $250 lamp
and the picture will be as bright and clear as new.

As far as projections go, they are just cheaper.
I don't have to have a wafer thin panel hanging on the wall.
I would rather have the better built in speakers of a projection set.
Yeah, go for the SXRD series. Sony's LCDs are incredible and usually the best way to go. The Sony KDS-60A2000 would be a great 60" TV. It will normally retail for around $2500, but if you go bargain hunting, you'll probably find one for under $2000. I think I've seen one store that had it for $1800. It's a good TV, however, it's not that good at displaying reds and greens, though the blues are OK, but not the best.

Samsung also makes some nice TVs. The Samsung HL-S5687W is pretty good. It's a 56" TV and it will cost you about $1400-$1600. It displays most colors pretty well, but the greens can be better. In addition, it sometimes has trouble with using all of the lines when using 1080p.

As for DLPs, they're good, but I prefer LCDs. One problem with DLPs is the rainbow effect. Some people are able to see streaks of color across the screen, but that issue has been resolved, but some people still can. One thing that makes DLPs really good is the fact that they display the deepest blacks, but LCDs are not far behind.

720p resolution looks good, especially compared to EDTVs and "normal" TV sets. But, 1080p is the way to go. You get twice as many horizintal lines with 1080p. If I were buying a TV a few years ago, I might have opted a 720p set. But now, 1080p is becoming more and more common. Now 1080p is available in plasmas, and there are many more to come. Basically, 720p will be outdated soon.
I see where you are coming from, and I'm not trying to convince you that plasmas are better in any way, what you want is your choice. However, in 10 years!?!?! If you are worried about how a TV will perform 10 years down the road...well thats your choice, personally, I flip TVs like computer parts. I usually sell the old one and get a new one ever 5-10 years anyway. However, if you want your TV to last longer than the family washing machine then be my guest and get and LCD or projection.
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