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Is CSS good for the web programmer?

AOP Web Development
Hello guys!

I just like to share it and give your opinion about this thing that is css good for the web programmer? well i just like to share it that most of the company in developing a website they have to separate the project by a web designer and web programmer but! I have encountered a one of a web designer and i ask him if he is using a pure css layout for the design but he answered no! because he said that it's very hard in the part of the programmer because not all programmer are familiar in css and they know how to play on it.. In css most tags that you are using is ul,div,span,headers but because they are not very good to play on it they prefer to use tables in layout a website...

For you what is your opinion about it?
Well, most people who don't know CSS use Front Page and then they call themselves a programmer Laughing

I don't think its fair to call your self a 'Web Developer/Programmer' until you are fluent with HTML and CSS.

Programming is supposed to be easy. I think web design has made everyone think all programming languages are easy Confused

Whoever said that probably uses DreamWeaver or Front Page. Table layouts suck...
CSS is very important in web development and design in that it makes it easier to control parts of your site... you can completely change the theme with a style sheet... by the way, i agree with the above in that It is important to know AT LEAST HTML and CSS to be called a Web developer or coder. Otherwise, you're just a designer.
AOP Web Development
what i mean in the probrammer are they are the one use a dynamic development like php/mysql or asp/mssql because they said that it's hard for them where to put their code especially when displaying a data... bacause they only see div and ul and they are not very good to play on it...
It sorta depends how big your site is, as in quantity of pages...

if you don't mind typing up fonts and style all the time, sure go ahead, go without CSS, but if you are making somewhat of a site with MANY, MANY pages, you'll need CSS for sure.

Also, most PHP sites (which is used for making sites mainly becuase of the number of pages to save time), use CSS for that exact reason. You can't really have a good interactive PHP site without CSS, well sometimes...

It's a super easy, very useful code to learn. I advise all to learn it! It is almost compatible with EVERY host you'll ever buy. It's a given. You hardly find hosts, who don't support it, it's like HTML support. They work hand in hand, as well as PHP.

go here for some lessons:
well I consider my self fluent in both css and html, now I am trying to tackle down php and sql (which is not too difficult if you have the logical knowledge of what you want to layout and undestand all the tags and attributes) I would go with css if you are making a major site and want it to look orderly and neat, but if you want to start to get into adding multimedia it would be best to use html. I tend to stick to html due to having more freedom of what I want to add!
AOP Web Development
Well all you guys have the point, for me i have knowledge ofcourse in HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,PHP,MYSQL i work i try to develop my site a full pledge CSS layout, so of course i know how CSS will greatly help for the site because it optimize your site. I just post this topic just to have a survey or to get your opinion for this. I really thank you all for your expressing your opinion regarding in this topic. Laughing
Anything really large will require a template engine. Using this the template is completely separate from the code and as such the programmer need not worry about where everything will appear, just make sure all the required values are accessible for the page and let the designer worry about the rest.

For smaller projects though of course, I can see where there may be one or two problems though still nothing major. The programmer isn't coding the layout. Unless the programmer is doing all the work (ie. designing as well), it should be relatively trouble free.
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