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The Detox Diet Plan

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The Detox Diet Plan

After these three days - for one week put yourself on a monotrophic diet , i.e. eat only one type of fruit at each meal.

For example: BREAKFAST could be melon only. Eat as much as you like and feel satisfied that you have had enough. All types of melons are good. Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Gala or Watermelon.

LUNCHTIME: Eat only oranges and grapefruit or pineapples or plums whatever you fancy but don't mix the fruits. Eat till hunger is satisfied.

4 p.m. Have a large (12 oz.) glass of freshly pressed carrot juice.

EVENING: Eat only apples, pears, grapes or bananas. Eat only one fruit at a time and eat till hunger is satisfied. During the week you can vary daily the fruits you want to eat on that particular day.

You can resume your household duties or light office work but do not exert yourself physically. Conserve energy. It is possible that some of you may feel some reactions, like light headedness, nausea at times, a little listlessness and feeling of tiredness and mental irritability. Persevere - Rome wasn't built in a day. After all it took you years to get into the toxic state that you now find yourself into. The symptoms will go away eventually. Lots of sleep and rest are essential at this stage so do not plan any social events.

The Detox Diet Plan continued ...
After these ten days - I suggest you go for one month on an all raw food diet as follows:


Fresh fruit only of oranges, kiwi's, pineapple, apple, plums, grapefruit or any other acid fruits. You can now mix the fruits. Eat enough to satisfy your hunger. Just one orange and one apple will not be enough. You have to get your calories from the fruit you eat.

Eat heartily of grapes, pears, bananas, mangoes, fresh dates, and with this meal eat a head of lettuce, 1-2 sticks of celery and a handful of dried raisins or sultanas, or 3-4 dried figs or 10-12 dried Hunza apricots.

4 p.m. A large 12 oz glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice.

A large Rainbow salad of grated red cabbage, grated carrots, grated beetroot, chopped up celery, watercress, cucumber, and red or green peppers. A dressing could be made as follows: Put 2-3 tomatoes in the blender, 1 whole peeled large size avocado and a pinch of marigold bouillon powder and 1 tea spoonful cold pressed linseed oil or olive oil. Blend the lot and pour it on your Rainbow salad and mix thoroughly. Enjoy it with some lettuce leaves. To this salad you add 3 ozs of nuts and seeds. Not salted nuts and not peanuts. Brazil, Cashew, Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds. Whatever you fancy. Chew well or grind the nuts dry and sprinkle on the Rainbow salad or put ground nuts in a blender, add just a little water and make it into nut cream.

On such a regime -- if you have not cheated in between -- at the end of that month you will feel cleaner, fitter, a little slimmer and more energetic with the added bonus of some of your symptoms disappearing. No cooked food should be eaten. Full activity can be resumed on this raw diet. This regime has worked on thousands of cases.

The choice is yours. Remember no one can cure you. Your own body, given the opportunity will rebuild itself.[/b]
Sounds like a diet pretty low in protein and iron. Also, eat enough calories and you'll gain weight no matter what you eat. Any evidence for trying something like this? Doesn't seem very sensible to me.
I dont think I could survive on this only... I seem very light...
A different detox diet that I tried wasn't so restrictive and it seemed to work. It may not be as thorough, but I liked it. For three days only eat fresh fruit and drink water, carrot juice (as aforementioned), fruit juice, or tea. After three days my insides felt clearer and lighter.
Forget detoxes. If you eat sensibly and healthily (ie diet rich in fruit and veg), minimise red meat intake to a few days a week, eat a mix of fresh fish including some oily fish. When choosing fruit and veg go for fruit and veg which comes from different colour groups as they will give you different nutrients.

If you do all that you will never need to detox. You will have a healthy digestive system and more importantly and healthy you that will give you the energy to live life.

Why spend this short life worrying about what you eat. If eating healthy is part of your life then you will not have to worry about it as it will come naturally.

You can also eat the odd piece of rubbish but it should just be just that the odd bit.

That really isn't that hard to do and that comes from someone who ate nothing but rubbish when I was younger now I never worry about what I eat. If I eat rubbish I just make sure my next couple of meals are healthier.
shouldn't you drink a laxetive tea or something that will clean out your insides...i thought that was detox...
From what I hear, you lose a few pounds in the first few days and then you plateau. Plus its extremely hard to maintain this limited intake of food. I believe Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN did a report on Detox diets. But thats just IMHO.
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