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Copying movies from DVDs to PC formats

I have recently bought a Sony Handycam and was dismayed to find that the little s*** in the Jacky's Electronics store forgot to mention that this particular model can not be connected to the PC in any way, shape or form when directly asked: "How do I connect this to the PC for copying my movies to a Computer?"

He replied something along the lines of:
Jacky's Electronics wrote:
Oh yes, you can copy the movies directly to the PC using the USB cable in the box. Or you could extract it from the DVD using the Nero Express 6 included.

Bull****! Not only did they include a lite version of the lite version of Nero 6. So I can only copy one mini-DVD to another one. The midget in the shop lied through his teeth and there was no USB cable included, nor the Sony Picture Perfect software that came with it.

It even says in the manual:
This model of Sony Handycam cannot be connected to a PC or a Macintosh. You must use a Video Capture Card or DVD ripping software to do this.

So now I am on the hunt for free DVD ripping software that means that I can convert DVDs or VOBs into WMV. Can anyone help me?
Take a look at and
I've never made any wmv file. I usually make avi or mkv(matroska) files.

I use:
1. DGMPGDec from
2. AviSynth 2.5 from
4. VirtualDubMod from
5. video codec - Xvid from (don't try the one from becouse you would have to compile it at your own)
6. Audio compressing program - CDex from
nb. all these apps are GPL'ed.

I proceed as follows:
1. Install all these apps. (also copy DGDecode.dll(DGMPGDec) to avisynth's plugin folder)
2. Copy VOBs to hard drive.
3. Open VOBs of one continous part of movie (for example VTS_1_1.vob + ... + VTS_1_4.vob) with DGIndex (DGMPGDec).
4. Make d2v file and demux audio.
5. step 3,4 for other parts.
6. close DGMPGDec.
7. Compress audio with CDex to mp3 or other format.
8. Make short avs files, for example: myvideo.avs:

9. Open Avs with VirtualDubMod
10. Do some configuration(reducing frame size, cutting edges, codec settings)
11. 1st pass video compression.
12. Adding compressed sound. Setting target size in codec's settings.
12. 2nd pass.
13. Watch what have I done Wink

You will probably like to look here:

I've heard it's possible to compress audio with VirtualDub (without any other audio compressor) but I've never tried it.
Why don't you go back and get a refund? if there was no USB lead and he lied to me id go straight back!
ncwdavid wrote:
Why don't you go back and get a refund? if there was no USB lead and he lied to me id go straight back!

Sadly, there are no consumer rights out here in the UAE; and if there are, they are never enforced. The guy lied and there is nothing I can do about it. Crying or Very sad
You could always stand in front of the store and tell every customer that goes in that they lied..see how long it takes to get your refund
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