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Wikipedia: Good, Great, or Greatest?
Good or great??? I would say it's quite bad.., you really can't trust anything there.
But of course, what I have seen most of the things is right.. Smile
You can trust the excellent articles, they are only few but getting more and more every day. Apart from that I especially like the newsbox with all the links to more detailed information, that's just great. Smile
It's great. but it can be missleading! although always provides entertainment!!! lol try to look up "Windows" !!! hehe
There may be some minor inaccuracies in wikipedia, but it's one of the most up to date sites i have ever come across (depending on the content, of course). Sure, you take what's been written with a grain of salt, but who doesn't these days?! It's definitely a good foundation for further learning- and it's free!!! (so far) Laughing
Wikipedia is interesting for browsing or getting a general idea of a topic, but horrible for research related things. It's just not credible enough to appear in the citations of a paper.
{name here}
SGbilder wrote:
Good or great??? I would say it's quite bad.., you really can't trust anything there.
But of course, what I have seen most of the things is right.. Smile

The difference between Wikipedia and a book you get out of a shelf is Wikipedia can reinvent false facts faster. Just like I can edit in something on some article on Wikipedia, I can write an entire book about how the CIA but a chip in my brain or how Dwight D. Eisenhower had a intamate relationship with Stalin. If you can't trust wikipedia, you might as well not trust anything. Of course this post won't swoon your english teacher, so you can use wikipedia as an area to get (1) a general idea and (2) sources to create your paper.
To quote the great Traganos:

"Without Wikipedia, what are we but savages?"
I would give it 10/10 ... i always get what i'am looking for there. ..infact i get much more than i expected
Its simply a great resource with excellent articles on any topic i can think of .
Wikipedia rulez
I would say Wikipedia is one of the most important revolutionary websites ever created!

It provides enough references in its articles to verify veracity. In fact, for all those people doubting the content, what is the assurance that something you see printed in a book is true / verified? Wikipedia, in my opinion, is just a faster way to get some facts 'printed'. Agreed, there could be some errors. However, the editorial team definitely tags the articles appropriately, and it is very easy to come to a conclusion as to what extent the stuff mentioned in the article can be trusted.
Tis a very good site, mainly because it is a giant free encylopedia.

Nice layout, good content, clean design.

Dam good info!
I love Wikipedia, as it is usually much more up-to-date than anything else. My teachers let me use it for my schoolwork, too. Very Happy

With a wiki idea, it's sure that you won't get a biased article.
Wikipedia is like my online bible. If it says it, it must be true! Well, I am aware that many articles could be wrong or have errors, but for the most part it seems quite accurate and it hasn't failed me yet!
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