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Looking For A good Databasing Program


I don't want to use access anymore or depend on FileMaker to make my databases. I would just like some info if anyone has some good choices on which database program would be good.

Usages are for massive amounts of text data, retreiveing and searching through it alot.

And also if I'm able to place photos and media files in there and be able to search through it...I am knew to this so please give me some ideas all input is appreciated.
The most popular free (and open source) database software you can get at the moment is MySQL. You can store text and binary data such as images in the database, but you must store it properly and label the data. SQL is not a hard language to learn, but you must understand your needs.

Even if you cannot use MySQL for your intents and purposes, it is still very good database software.
Agree with the previous answer. I use MySQL myself and its a great open source package. Easy to use and learn. Great tools available to give you more control through a gui.

One thing to bear in mind is that the version you download should be the same or at least very close in version numbers to the one run by your web host or you may find that any databases you have created may not run on your web hosts servers as they are using a different version which may not support certain features which you are making use off.

It is possible to run to versions of mysql under the same pc that way you can get start to learn the newer features of the database so that you will be ready to take advantage as and when any upgrade takes place on your hosts web servers.

There are other alternatives out there such as:


to name but a few.
well known and mostly used software is MYSQL.important thinf is that it is verry efficient and u can export databases in text format and with .sql extensions which can then be used with XML documents so go for it
I think MySQL is popular databasing software in the world. All of the paid service using MySQL for users. Also, all of the web programmes like Joomla!, phpbb etc. use MySQL for the databases.
howver switching to mysql will not be so easy because you are used to access where in everything is done using the GUI.
And if you intend to use it with VB , your lfe will be more difficult.

I would suggest you MS-SQL if you can buy it.
Else also try posgress or firebird.
Studio Madcrow
Most database Systems come in two parts: the database SERVER and the front end. For the database server, there are a number or quality free options. Several people have already mentioned mysql and while it's quite good, there are other options you should consider. IBM makes a free version of their DB2 software and will even send it to you for free on physical media. ( Oracle and M$ also have free versions of their SQL servers, but they have more limits than DB2. If you need something smaller, Firebird ( has a very small footprint, yet still has good features. PostgresSQL ( also has fans.

The frontend is a harder topic. *nix users with KDE have Kexi and Knoda, both of which are quite good clones of the M$ Access system. Gnome users are less lucky, they only have Glom, which while quite nice, works only with PostgresSQL. OpenOffice also has a decent database module that can work either which OO's own (rather crappy and slow) internal DB engine or with just about any other on the planet.

My own current set up is OO Database + InterBase, a commercial version of Firebird.
Thanks For All The Replies I will carefully look into all that was mentioned.
If you want free database use mySQL (considered very stable and very popular amongs free software users). But if you have money to spend try Microsoft SQL Server, you cant go wrong with that.
Will Look Into Both, Thanks
MySQL is a good choice. But the one compared with Oracle is PostgreSQL. You can think which one is better.
I think MySQL is the best database software. Most of the webhosts use this software. I use it to make a forum and a blog.

You can download a free version of MS sql server here:

Best regards
I use mysql as well. I hear Postgres is actually really good as well.
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