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Gran Turismo HD

Last day I received message about GT HD and demo version of it...

I played all gameplay videos(about 80 mb large/each) and realised that are physics much much improved... I was very suprised on tire grip. They act very realistic and just look how are cars doing "turn in" and EVO IV is drifting with ease... I think that GT5 will be very impressive game...
And just look at graphics...Very Happy

even my ass is smyling...

GTPlanet Members,

As you may or may not be aware, the Gran Turismo HD demo for the PlayStation 3 was just made available by free download from the PlayStation Network! This new demo is a Gran Turismo 5 "preview" of sorts, to give a hint at what the Polyphony Digital team is capable of on the new gaming system. It includes one new track, the "Eiger Nordwand", and 10 cars including the '96 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR, '94 Nissan SKYLINE GT-R Vspec II, and '06 Ferrari 599. As your times get progressively faster, the faster cars become available, "Drift Mode" is unlocked, and the Eiger can be run in reverse. Fastest times are posted to online Leaderboards, and you can download these hot laps and check them out for yourself. If you have a PS3, start your download now and join the other lucky GTPlanet members in the Gran Turismo HD forum - if not, we have plenty of high definition footage and screenshots to hold you over.

Initial Impressions and Download Walk-Through:

GTPlanet's Gran Turismo HD Forum:

New Gran Turismo HD Screenshots:

Gran Turismo HD Menu Screenshots:

(New) Official Gran Turismo HD Trailer in High Definition:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV at the Eiger Nordwand:

Nissan Skyline GT-R at the Eiger Nordwand:

Polyphony Digital's GTHD Tribute to the Nissan Skyline:

I'd also like to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of GTPlanet's 3-day Christmas promotion in support of the Alzheimer's Association. To learn how you can help GTPlanet fight Alzheimer's disease, visit

Have a wonderful Christmas,
Site Administrator

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It's just been featured on Slashdot as well - and yea it looks really awesome - almost photo realistic in some places.

Its gonna be another year though Confused

Read/watch more here...
ive downloaded the demo on my ps3, however, it is nicer than the rest..grpahics are its just...more of the same... nothing really "new"
m-productions wrote:
ive downloaded the demo on my ps3, however, it is nicer than the rest..grpahics are its just...more of the same... nothing really "new"

what about physics(tire slip) and new camera positions?? Very Happy are they improved or are the same as in GT 4?? Smile
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