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Golden Globes 2007- TV

Ok, I didn't want the other post to go on for too long and get confusing, so i've done another one for TV (hmmm... maybe i have too much time on my hands ?!)

Best TV series (Drama): Heroes Best TV series (Comedy/Musical): The Office

Best TV Actor (Drama): Patrick Dempsey Best TV Actress (Drama): Edie Falco

Best TV Actor (Comedy/Musical): Tony Shalhoub Best TV Actress (Comedy/Musical): Mary Louise Parker

Best Miniseries: Elizabeth I

Best Actor (Miniseries): Andre Braugher Best Actress (Miniseries): Annette Bening

These are all the ones that i think will win, not necessarily the ones i want to win- there's a big difference! Wink
Here's the list of nominees:
Very nice, but what should we do with it?
I'm trying to stir up a bit of debate about which TV programs deserve to win awards.

I'm sure most people have an opinion on this subject, or is it just me?
I didn't get to watch it, but I'm pretty sure that Hugh Laurie one again, and that doesn't show on your list. I'm very happy that he won, and Dreamgirls won a lot of stuff... I don't know if I agree with that, but then again I haven't seen the movie yet.
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