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Aishiteruze Baby

Has anyone seen Aishiteruze Baby?

It is so kawaii!

If I can have an older brother like Kippe-oniichan, I can die happy! ^_^
Hooooo boy. Can I just say for the record how silly it looks when people pepper Japanese words that they've learned (like "kawaii") into their english?

That said, Aishiteruze Baby is an excellent series. And it's one of the few anime I know of, where they actually got a young girl to play the the Yuzuyu character. Admittedly the actress was 8, whereas Yuzuyu was supposed to be 5, but it's a damn sight better than those anime that just have a 20-something seiyuu use that high-pitched nasally voice that they think sounds like a kid, but instead just sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Anyway, good anime, I encourage people to check it out. Also the manga is being released by Viz if you want to check that out as well (it falls under their ShojoBeat lineup, but it's much better story than most Shojo pap that appears in there.)
Hey there,

I have to agree with Scaramanga, this anime is a very good one. I usually don't like this kind of anime where School Kids and themes related to it are explored but in this one I found myself glued to the cuteness of Yuzuyu and her relation with Kinpei-onichan (Ive seen the anime some tim ago, I hope I'm not mispelling he name).

It's also a pretty realistic anime with daily situations explored and overall I think it is worhing the time yuo spend watching it Smile

stay Cool
carlokes wrote:

It's also a pretty realistic anime with daily situations explored and overall I think it is worhing the time yuo spend watching it Smile

stay Cool

I agree with you on that and the face that it is family centered makes it worthwhile to watch. Smile
Its a nice light-hearted anime series to watch. Being a short series as well is a plus for a busy student ^_^
For me, I don't see Kippei being chased by girls because of his physical features or his initial role as a playboy...

Rather, he captures everyone's hearts even more from taking care of a lovable younger cousin. I find that very endearing.
I saw this series a while ago, it was alright though I learned that this kinda thing isn't really what I like.
Being abandoned by your mother, child abuse, having a cousin who hurts herself and wants to commit suicide, a girl who's parents don't love her, all while you're being teased at school is light hearted? She runs away at one point.

This anime was good, but the only thing that kept me watching it was Yuzuha's voice actor. That was her real voice (she was about 5-8 ). The adults and other characters in this anime were pretty much stupid and some of the things they did made me frusterated.

It's okay for a watch once or twice, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone right away.
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