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Anyone still play this classic game? Or is it too old for you people and your Warcraft III?
Yes, I still play this classic game.

It is fun and if you play at harder levels it is a challenge.

I love it.
I'll admit I stopped playing StarCraft, but it's not because it sucks or anything because it doesn't. Not much has changed in terms of RTS since StarCraft (graphics excluded). I stopped because I'm hoping if enough people stop playing StarCraft, Blizzard will get the hint and put their butts in gear to make StarCraft II. I really want to know how the storyline goes.
Ya, I stoped playing starcraft. I play warcraft III now every so often.
I have played Starcraft off and on since it came out what like a decade ago? Funny thing is I just got my own copy for Christmas this year a collector package thing.

Anyway I love starcraft when ever I am in the mood to make thing die I play starcraft, nothing better then the popping sound of a zerg. Now that I have my own copy I guess I can do the multiplayer thing.
First of all, I would like to inform the starter of this post that where ever you one lives, one never forgets where they were born and brought up. This is exactly like that.

We people started our gaming experience with awesome classic games like RoadRash, Pacman, Dungeons and Dragons, Age of Empires, Starcraft and lots of others.

How many ever new games may come by, the fun and the excitement that keeps us gripped to these classic games will never die whatever may happen. They are like the back bone of our gaming careers.

As you talk about Star Craft here, It rocked, It Rox and will Continue to rock as long as recreation is a part of human life.

I really hope that the creators of the game decide to re-release the game. They have no idea how big a favor they would be doing to thousands and thousands of players out there.
well well well...
starcraft again...
but my fav strategy game too...
my com are very antique now..
so.. it only support antique game like starcraft..
hopefully!! the game continue to produce more Antique gamefor antique computer..

by the way!! Protos rock!!
Yes. I still play starcraft. I think that its still fun. But I'm probably not the norm because I don't invest much in games.
hey.. starcraft.., that's a long time ago but it was a great game, and maby still is!
About the number of opponents it's easier if you have maximum because then they won't have the chanse to expand that much, (expand is everyting!! Cool ) but if you go for 4-5 opponents it's harder!
I've never get into warcraft III but if a starcraft II gets out i'm stuck again Laughing
Starcraft is amazing game. Definitley one of the best games of all time. It will never die!
Starcraft never gets old, it gets overplayed occasionally but i always go back.
Starcraft is one of those games that I can always rely on for hours of mindless videogaming if I'm bored. It's one of the best games I've played in my life, too bad it's aging, along with other brilliant videogames. Lots of good memories with starcraft, that map editor was great.

Insanity wrote:
Anyone still play this classic game? Or is it too old for you people and your Warcraft III?

BroodWar the best strategy, not looking at all on that that it very old.
I very much like to play earthmen.
I consider that game to some extent develops mind and reaction.
Whether you tell know the line will proceed is class game?
Starcraft......Owns.......I R love....

You would be surprised how many people still use Battlenet on Us-East. Lots of packed servers, not including modded maps.

Always a fan of turret defense and such. I can remember a LAN or 2 or 5 starcraft+intoxicants=The formula for the Apocalypse woo!
OMG, this game is too hard for me, because ppl on pgtour is tooo good!!!
I still play whenever I have the free time. StarCraft is a classic.
Heh Starcraft is my life Smile I tryed change game but always back to this classic. Smile anyone who want play on battlenet and don`t have oryginal game can play on private servers ex Netcraft ( bigest polish server )

Here is Reg for auto add gateway into windows register:

or you can add manually

GL Wink
Loved this game to bits as a kid.

Downloaded it recently and its still amazing.

So much fun. Not as difficult as I remember though Confused
saeleyjnr wrote:
Loved this game to bits as a kid.

Downloaded it recently and its still amazing.

So much fun. Not as difficult as I remember though Confused

You love this game, what's your apm?
Starcraft was the first game I played when I got my PC
I just love it...(I still remember my old 233MHz processor) I played it on LAN parties and I had some skill. I like Zerg becuse it is the fastest race.
My best unit is Zergling^^

I lost the CD in about 3months ago so I can't play online...
I think it's fun to make UMS maps. Especially one of these new editors with more power(scmdraft2 and Starforge). I know these are not original editors from blizzard but they can do more.
Maby Some day I try to play the hole game through. I havn't done that yet. Other thing taking my time but it's is one of the best games ever made! Cool
Kitten Kong
I still choose to play starcraft over warcraft III most of the time. I just like it more.
I love starcraft.... use to be one of my favorite games until my friend moved. Now I'm to lazy to buy it for myself =)
dude, this game still rocks. it is still one of the entries in the cyber olympics. a lot of people still play it. classical, the finest, the best, simple and very strategical. just outstanding. i've been playing this for about 6 years and i never got bored with it. we usually play this in our dormitories, having set our lan we play overnight. this is just fun! two thumbs up.
I just want to say some words to Blizzard:

Cut it off with the damm Warcraft stuff!!!, we want Starcarft 2!!!!!!
Of course I still play it. Still on of the best games out there.

But I want Starcraft 2!
StarCraft.... I never stopped playing it again and again and again.

And like everyone else on this forum... I'm dying to see StarCraft 2
I think they're going to give up on Starcraft: Ghost at least.
Blizzard already dropped SC Ghost.....those bastards...
I know, really sad. Would have enjoyed running around in the Starcraft realm. Lets hope for a big Starcraft 2 where SC:Ghost is incorporated, would not be a totally wacky idea that the next game in the series will be a real time strategy game and a first person shooter combined.

Starcraft lives on, after almost ten years. That is remarkable.
i love this game - best 4EVER
Wacraft 2???mmm is nice? play online your?
Starcraft is still going strong, especially in parts of the Eastern world, such as South Korea. I find myself playing it from time to time, but I do admit that i play Warcraft III more. I really like the custom abilities on the heroes, and the custom maps like DOTA.
My favorite map on Starcraft is zero clutter. Man do you get minerals quickly.
starcraft 2 is not even in their drawing board. maybe blizzard will try to have it if they're running out of money from WoW. it's true that its still a fad specially in south korea, its still included in major gaming conventions in eastern asia.
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