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Browsing Speed

Lately I have been broswing through some site in China a lot. Then suddenly, basically all the Chinese site became not loadable. I mean it went so slow that it take more then 15 min to load a page. And I have notice that my internet is getting slower and slower. I even get kick playing online game. Anyone know what cause this?

It's the holiday, I go on the internet more often, probably 24/7 for the computer to stay on. But does that affect the internet provider?
I was watching this evening, and it was said that the earthquake at taiwan damaged the undersea cables that was used for internet data transmission.

These damaged cables are the one that connected the asia countries to europe countries. Therefore, without the direct and fastest path for the data packets to pass, they had to make a detour, hence resulting in the snail-like internet browsing speed.

My area has been affected too, and my ISP said that the problem might be solved in about three weeks' time.

It started me thinking how is it that even natural disaster has started to invade our lifes.. physically and technologically..
Oh, that might affect it then, I though internet use satellite though... I guess I was wrong, lol.

Fixing an cable under an ocean is a very hard thing to do, I wonder how long it going to take them...
Satellite is very expensive and slow if hundreds of thousands of people use it simultaneously. Having a cable is much faster, since there is much less interference and it costs less to add more cables, than to add a satellite.
How do they cable a wire across the ocean without breaking it half way? Who know, maybe a Shark will bite wire... Shocked
Billwaa wrote:
How do they cable a wire across the ocean without breaking it half way? Who know, maybe a Shark will bite wire... Shocked

lol I'm guessing they don't just leave the cable hanging in the middle of the ocean Wink
According to the media, the cables in Taiwan are expected to be fully restored only after three weeks (which is like very very long....). The lag happened because everyone is being diverted to the remaining routes, causing the heavy jam. Itz just like a major expressway being closed down, causing congestion coz the other roads cannot handle the heavy capacity of traffic being diverted there. China, Taiwan, HK, Thailand and Singapore internet connection are greatly affected by this.
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