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Iron Maiden...Live in Dublin

YO! Did anybody see Iron Maiden Live in dublin on December 20th?? I was at it and i got a pit pass Razz Im upload ing my vids onto youtube. Check em have more soon...
hell yeah! Iron Maiden is one of the rare bands that actually sounds better live then on albums!
unfortunatelly i haven't seen them live in Dublin, however i do have their Rock in Rio live album.
so thanx alot for the clips, i'll surely check them out! you don't mind if i show them so some other people too, do you?
i didnt but my mates saw them in london

said they were a different class, to be honest ive never rated them on cd maybe i should try and see them live one day
thats awsome. im a big fan of IM. they rock!
Iron Maiden is great. Your video looks it was shot in the 80's.
The greatest thing about them is that they don't change (same tight ugly pants and arm spinning), which is great!

Thanks for sharing the videos, Terrasis-Cian!
When I was returning from India I had a seven hour delay at the bangalore airport. But I was fortunate to see Steve Harris the bassist also there. He was nice enough to oblige a host of people pictures and autographs! That was awesome!
those are great quality videos! Very Happy usually you see live band videos on youtube and the sound quality is just horrible and distorted. Thanks a lot I enjoyed theese!
I got to see them for free in Manchester and it was a stunning gig.

Their last album is immense and the tank stage prop was simply awesome. Absolutely worth every penny that my friend's friend spent on the ticket that he then couldn't get to the gig for. Laughing
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