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Multiple Questions

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Hai all,

I get around 10,000 total visits out of those about 5000 are uniques a month. One of them is a forum, so the page view is high for that one. How much should I be making with adsense with those figures?

The sites are the three in my sig.


I was told many times in the past by my illustrious YSM support reps that yahoo does not engage in or condone domain parking services. Obviously a fallacy.

I have been getting so much JUNK traffic from parking pages, typosquatters and the like that I called YSM for a click activity investigation. Some of these keywords are being billed at upwards of $4/click.

We opted out of the content network many moons ago, which, on adwords, would keep our ads off parking pages (via sedo). The latest mouthful I've received is that we are part of yahoo's Domain Match program, which we are not allowed to opt out of. How convenient.

When I brought up the fact that NONE of this traffic converts for us and we don't trust the means by which these parking page owners drive traffic(don't want my company's name associated with adware or other black hat tactics), I was told that it's my responsibility to furnish them with detailed log traffic reports showing that the traffic is not valuable. Then they'll take it under advisement. No assurance that if they pull one account, the owner won't simply buy a new domain tomorrow.

I don't recall ever signing up or even reading about this dandy little feature, and had a heck of a time even finding mention of it on YSM's pages. Anyone else suffering with this? I'm migrating all of my advertising to other outlets until enough people complain to get this deceptive "service" removed.

In the new system, they allow you to add negative keywords when you first create an adgroup, but after that, I can't find a place to add/edit negative keywords.....anyone?
Hi Everybody,

I need to get some graphs / charts from my keyword rankings.

Maybe Im blind, but I can't see where I can chart a progress of a keyword in Google rankings.

Can anyone help?

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