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No. of Impressions


I am constructing my website on my home computer. Whenever I browse my webpage the impression is added to my google impression count. Is that OK? or do I need to inform Google about that?

I never clicked on any ads. I just want to know about the impressions.

Thanks in advance.
no problem... there is no problem by page impression.. if you click it Continueously They will diable your account..
It will cause you no harm unless you click on those.
Are you talking about browsing your web page on your home development server or your actual online site?

Also I can't see Google disabling an account simply for repeatedly loading web pages for testing purposes. I've done this myself a number of times when it was absolutely necessary to test something online. Google does actually advise against it so as to not throw off your metrics (which makes sense). In other words, if you're tracking your CTR or eCPM on a particular page and you're loading that page repeatedly for testing then you're going to throw your stats off. But I've never heard of anyone's account getting disabled for this kind of activity. I think the thing you really have to watch out for is not CLICKING ON YOUR OWN ADS. Then you're running some serious risks.
thats not a problem
but if you but chance click on your own ads, report to google as immediatelt as possible. That would help you to get back on the safer side.
If you generate too many impressions they may warn you I think
Bofia wrote:
If you generate too many impressions they may warn you I think

They dont give money for impressions.

whether the impressions are high or low, it does not cause them any loss
Actually some Google ads are on a pay-per-impression basis. It is my understanding that these ads are the ones that where advertisers choose specifically to advertise on your site (via the 'Advertise on this site' link).
Yes, some advertisers set their ads on Pay Per Impression basis. I ever read somewhere that we can use a "test mode" or "preview mode/tool" while we are testing our site. Sorry I can not give you any referrences since I forgot where I read it. But I think you can always ask adsense support about it. However, I never heard someone get their account baned from generating their ads impressions too much.
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