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Pictures don't show???

Can someone please help me? I'm having trouble with my pictures being displayed once I log out of my DirectAdmin page. It all works fine when I'm logged in, but once I'm out and I try to reload the webpage, all the images dissapear.

I even tried moving the pictures to the Public HTML folder just to make sure. Still the same problem.

This is the link that I copied from within the DirectAdmin page:
Nevermind, I finally figured it out.

Even though this is the link provided inside the DirectAdmin page:

It should actually be this:

That's also considering if it's in the public_html folder. Just a tip for newcomers out there.

Please close this post unless someone else has any other good information I should know about posting pics, the directories, public access level (i.e. 755, 777?).

Erm, you're supposed to access pages through not through the DirectAdmin page...

DirectAdmin is where you edit files, not view them.

And all files have to be in the public_html directory to be viewed. The "level" should be set at 755.
Yeah, figured that out thanks. I've never made a website before. It's my first time, if you couldn't already tell. Laughing
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