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Collecting... bones?

Does anyone else out there collect items made of bone? My collection has dice, pipes, letter openers, fountain pens, and a key, as well as a few deer bones I found in California. I really like the material for some reason...

(Is this weird?)
A lot of serious guitar players put bone saddles, bridge pins, nuts and strap buttons on their guitars.

Also, there is a famous cowboy hat maker named Charlie 1 horse
that started out putting small animal skulls on the hat bands.
That was about 30 years ago. Then he started using things like picture jasper.
Now they mainly are just recognized by a burnt in horseshoe brand on all their hats.
They had to evolve for political correctness.

When you examine a piece of ivory
look for some small shallow holes away from any decorative engravings.
If you find several of these small holes
I can guarantee that the piece is a fake.
It's called a hot needle test.
Ivory does not melt, but plastic/resin replicas will.
Small holes will indicate previous test failures.
If there are no holes, ask if you can do the test.
It's not really that weird. I have a couple of animal skulls around the house because I thought they were neat-looking. I also have a few bits of antique ivory jewelry.

However, this post reminded me that I saw a cool book about how to build a model T-Rex skeleton out of chicken bones. I looked it up, and it's apparently still in print.

Take a look. I'm going to get a copy, eventually. I like models, and I like dinosaurs, and I eat a LOT of chicken Smile
It's not weird, but I instantly thought of the phrase "Rag and Bone Man" - from England, I think.
not wierd at all man! me knows a lot of scientists who collect *bones*. Very Happy
When I was a teenager, I created a sort of trinket box out of the bones of a fox, and I had a brief fascination with finding & collecting large moths/butterflies/insects laying around that weren't mangled or destroyed.

I'd dry them out & make them stiff/waterproof by covering them in clear coat or laquer, then put them up on the wall.

They actually looked quite beautiful and fooled many people, especially a large garden spider I dangled from some fishing line. Wink

I'd dry them out & make them stiff/waterproof by covering them in clear coat or laquer, then put them up on the wall.

I love picking up the butterflies that die in autumn... could you give me any tips about how to dry them out? The ones I find always rot before they're dry enough to laquer.

Also, regarding the ivory test... those small holes can be vein pores in bone too. You're still not getting ivory if the piece is being sold as ivory, but tooth and bone may very well have those pore marks in them and not be resin fakes.
I'm a vet student and come across with -many- bones in our anatomy rooms. And I can prove, bones are extremely exciting to collect and study. I was actually thinking of collecting bones that I find in the woods, as I've seen many. I still regret not taking the sheep skull I found three years ago. It was awesome and in good condition. That was quite silly of me :<
I have a few bones, mostly they’re used as drawing stimulus, and the coolness factor. Among the collection I have an African Rock Python skull, an adolescent baboon skull, my favorite are the really tiny bird and mammal skulls. They generally don’t last as long as the larger skulls. My father had a really cool lion skull (I wonder who the hell has it now?)
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