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Mecha Paper Models

Hi, I'm not sure if many of you here at Frihost are into a hobby called Paper Modeling. It's pretty much the same thing as building paper models but you just do it out of paper instead.

I wanted to recommend a website for those of you who are interested to go check out for a great place to discuss about paper modeling.

I wanted to ask if anyone knew of any websites that has any type of mecha paper models? I've found some various Gundam, Robotech, and other mecha models. It's very unfortunate that not too many Americans are into that category of paper modeling. Most of the models that have been found are usually from Japanese, Korean, and Singaporean websites. Hopefully maybe some of you here may know of some and could list them here or list them at the Card Models site.

I love mecha and it would be great if anyone could help me find some more and possibly share with each other.

I have quite a bit myself in my own personal collection.
Have you made any paper models yet?

The only paper models I've seen were from the Yamaha website ( ) that had various paper models for motorcycles and animals. I always planed to make the R1 motorcycle but the instuctions said it was best to use strong paper like card stock, and I never got around to buying some. Maybe during the summer when I have more free time I'll attempt to make it.
I'm actually in the process of making a couple of models. One is the plane from the movie Aliens, and I'm also making the Nissan Skyline R34 racecar.

I have the Gundam Hi-Nu and the Gundam EX-S that I'll be putting together soon. They look incredible awesome.
those are fun to make.

I know there was this custom tissue box cover one where you can make a pop-up and the character would hold the next tissue for you. It was pretty cool.

I like seeing other people's work, but I don't have the time, skill nor patience to do some of the expert stuff.
I've tried to make paper models before but it ended up in a mess, I'm not really any good at it although I did just use sellotape to hold it together.
I just found a paper model for the transformer Optimus prime.

You can get it here:

The website has a few other mecha paper models on it as well.
Got that one. Thanks for the link tho. The card model forums that I am usually in are always on top of new models from all over the net.
Here are some other neat ones I found.

I was going to build some when I realized I have no colored ink! I guess they will have to wait.
No updates to this? I've seemed to have lost my collection of paper models.
Pretty old topic. None of the links even working anymore.
To me most links seems to work, i don't know about topic necromancy here, but the models seams pretty neat
D'Artagnan wrote:
To me most links seems to work, i don't know about topic necromancy here, but the models seams pretty neat

Same here, most of the links work, except for the first one. and it is a pretty old topic

I don't really know how this is reliant to the anime and comics section.

They are pretty neat though, and some of the models are relevant to this field.


I just got into papercraft lol

I am making a chocobo! from FFXI

it is awesome
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