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I had the strangest dream just now

If you see the time that I'm posting, you'll know that I'm not myself right now.

It seems like this is not the first time I've had this dream. I'm sure it means nothing, but I would like to talk about it; I feel like I need to write this down.

I was riding on the passenger side of my mom's Ford Explorer. We were going a decent speed down a two-lane road. I remember seeing the double-yellow line pretty vividly, like they had just painted it over. There were a few trees to the left and right, but they were not casting shade on the road.
I was talking to my mom; some strange topic came up about the government seeding the lakes with something--I could see a lake in the distance--and just as we brought it up, a strange white cloud appeared before us, and it looked at first like it was coming from the lake, so it presumably was from this "seeding". My mom just kept driving as she thought it was safe, and indeed it looked so.
As we got closer, I realized that the cloud, whatever it was was right in the middle of the road in front of us. It swirled and expanded slowly. Then, the front of the car passed into it.
There was a violent blast of wind; it was so strong that the front of the car spun around to face almost the opposite direction. How I could feel this wind inside the car I'm not quite sure. The tires squealed; we were out of control--backwards; and my mom yelled something; it sounded like "stop!".
That's when I woke up. I was in the most bizzare position; my arms were locked against the head of the bed and I was on my back--that was most bizzare of all: I don't sleep on my back at all, ever. I was stiff and it felt like I had been in this position for awhile.

I may have just embarrassed myself pretty well, but I just thought it was interesting to see what my subconscious cooked up. So, what's your strangest dream?


PS. It's 4:57 AM here. Cut me a little slack...
Clone Rabbit
I've had some weird ones. One dream where I was face down in a bath tub, bleeding. Then someone walked into the room and kicked down on me hard, breaking my spine and immobilizing me. Then, he proceeded to dump bucket after bucket of boiling water into the tub, scalding me to death.

Funny stuff.
Heh, I've never had any dreams where I was in mortal danger (I've come quite close, what with falling and all that, but nothing ever truly dangerous or scary for a while), but I usually have dreams of the kind that are just plain strange.

One night my dad walked into my room and I was muttering "use the rock, use the rock, use the rock" over and again in my sleep.

I really hope I don't ALWAYS do that.


Once it was night, and I was standing on the side of the state highway near my house.. I then jumped clean over the McDonalds next to me, and bounced from the other side of that building and crossed the street above the power lines.. five or six more bounces and the dream ended Sad

Of note is also one where I was sliding around in a parking lot filled in 6 inches of rushing water. It was rushing on a flat surface and not going anywhere, haha.
My dream the other night contained:

<removed by James007: please keep those dreams for yourself>

I can't remember the rest. It was pretty intense though.

I used to have a recurring dream of being attacked by an alien while taking a shower. He/it would come in and electrocute me. I had this dream off and on throughout childhood, and it always made me wake up frightened!
You can make up as many dreams you like. This will obviously make a spam thread.
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