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my lovley hair (i really need responces for this)

the time has come the end of the year.
i have been thinking for a long time now i want to cut it.

it is long, curly thick, just like robert plants.

should i cut it, im doing to tomro, but what do you think?

yes or no?
I kept my hair very long for an etremely long time, only recently have I decided to keep it a bit shorter.

If you are comfortable with long hair (male or female) I say keep it....if it has become a problem (as mine did) cut it. Short of actually seeing you with long can we honestly pass any opinion of how it may (or may not) look?
Shave it. Let your scalp shine naked in the hemispherically appropriate light!
Hair does grow back right ?
Zug Zug
Eh, I dont' really like short hair, well my hair short anyway. I love my hair now, it's long, a wee bit past my elbows Very Happy. I say leave it long, and cut only a inch off, just a bit. Later!


I assume you are male. Keep it. We're all going to go bald eventually, enjoy your hair while you still can.
Ah, well, loose it. The 'lazy-factor' will love you. No more shampoo, no combing,
no hair in your face while sporting, or worse - kissing.

It might look nice, but hey, so they thought a corset did... Brick wall Laughing
How did you get on?

Did you trim it/cut it/shave it all off?

How does it look?
aint done it yet, only just woke, but i iwll post before and after pics
violetgnu wrote:
Shave it. Let your scalp shine naked in the hemispherically appropriate light!

Spoken like a person loosing thier hair. (don't bother to post picts of yourself violetgnu...very few would believe them).

Don't listen to the "Folically Impaired" members of the crowd....go with whatever makes you comfortable. Smile

P.S. I have hair, I'm not going bald, and I find long hair attractive.)
Clone Rabbit
tumbleweed wrote:
Hair does grow back right ?

Of course! ... Doesn't yours?
It doesn't grow if you were bald ^^

Anyhow, long hair or short, you'll have to choose what matches you most. I had short hair for some years, but now I'm growing up, I'm going for the semi-long haircut. It looks more cool for me, and ye...
I think it all depends on how you want it.

I keep my hair long, it's about 6 inches long, but it's curly.. so it looks shorter than it is.

I don't know about you, but I feel wierd without it, like if i were to be naked.

How long has it been since you last cut your hair?
You haven't said Male or Female... I am guessing Male and over 30 by the Robert Plant reference...... or the orb-tastic Charlie Dimmock from Ground Force (

oooooh Charlie..... hmmmmmmmmmm

Get it cut anyway, men and women look great scalped... ask my Gr-Grandad, Running with Monkeys
Well I'm 21, and because of a stupid defect in all the males in my hair is becoming thin, and'll eventually goooo. So it's blue. No, really, my hair is blonde and blue. Just for a change,
Clone Rabbit wrote:
tumbleweed wrote:
Hair does grow back right ?

Of course! ... Doesn't yours?

Yes mine grows back, I must posses some strange magical powers or something Razz

Yeah what was the point...... Rolling Eyes
long hair thats cut short magically grows back longer all by itself !!!!!!!!

Whats all the fuss ???......its only a haircut..... and its a haircut we hav'nt even seen
I really love to cut my hair at least once every month..but due to the high price in barbershop..I keep my hair for quite long..only after my hair keep blocking my eyesights, then I decide to cut it out

there is an after shot, il ltry to find a before soon
The short haircut looks good. I am losing mine so I keep it pretty short. I don't want to ever look like I've got a comb over.
Oh I love long hair. .I've always kind of had long hair. (except once when my mother got it cut too short for me.. I was so mad Very Happy ) Only last month I went for a haircut but didnt get it cut too short.. I really needed trimming so I thought why not get a nice haircut too Very Happy
I think you should just get a little trimming done.. if your hair really needs it. Smile
violetgnu wrote:
Shave it. Let your scalp shine naked in the hemispherically appropriate light!

lol, omg, Nice answer!!! We should all shave our heads!! NOT
its up to you dude! but i think cut your hair...for remove up your splitends..
sry but I really do not care what you do with your hair (wow a rhyme^^)
^ so why the hell did you reply? Let me check your other posts, to see if they're of the same quality...

To the thread opener,
Even as a longhair I can't answer that question, nor can anybody else.
It's up to you.
If you feel like it's a burden you do not wish to carry, cut the damn thing!
Keep it simple. Nobody really cares what you will do with your hair (as one user here already noted), so don't worry about what other might think.
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