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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The book was really well written, in my opinion. And I'm implying this to the sequel "New Moon" as well. I was wondering if anyone else had read it?
Well it's about vampires, like a suspense vs romance. But personally I did not find this book mushy, at the least. I recommend it for young adults.

I'm really excited for the third book "Eclipse", and also the book after that one. This series might even become a movie. Right now they're still writing the script and seeing if it works out. If it does become a movie, I think it'll become a "Harry Potter", like it suddenly burst into the scenes, and everyone gets all obsessed about it and the readers get pissed. I also hope they don't cast some pop star as leading role.
If you like this series... then i could recommend another author that i enjoy ALOT:

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

her vampire books have influenced my story writing the most out of anyone i've read... and if anyone would like to have a link to my story.. pm me.. ill give it to you Wink

-----My story is still in progress------
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