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What do you photograph the most?

I love taking pictures .. I'd usually take pictures of places than people. Scenery.. landscapes.. those things. How about you?
people and nature. Have a lifetime dream of doing astrophotography though.
I have a habit of taking pictures of everything but myself (well, most of the time anyway; I think the last picture I took of myself was of my shadow on the ground in an amusement park parking lot). As a child, I used to take many pictures of the plants in my backyard, but more recently I've been abusing my camera during conventions (taking pictures of cosplayers). I recently acquired a digital camera a few months ago, but I seldom use it, for it has a knack for quickly draining the life out of the batteries I put inside it.
It can be really fun to take close-up pictures. Digital Cameras make this easy as most of them have an in-close setting (less than 2 ft away). Getting really close to flowers, leaves, objects around the house, insects, your own eyeball, etc. can sometimes have great results. Most of the time you have to take several pictures before you are happy with the result though.
I take pictures of nature, sometimes I take pictures of people around me, but I don't publish them.
If someone wants to see my photoblog » PM me Smile
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I like taking pictures of my pets, and nature.

I usually take pictures of my Leopard gecko though, just because he's so easy to get work with.
What do you photograph the most?

The current generation of monkeys. Wink
I like taking pictures of my pets, because they are so nice on photos.
And it's also interesting to take photoson nature, for example sunsets, different landscapes, flowers and so on.
I don't have a camera yet but I might get one soon, and I think that when I do I'll take most of my pictures of scenery. Everytime I'm outside I see things that I think would make great photographs but I just don't have a camera... Sad

I don't take many pictures, but when I do, they are usually of structures, buildings, different forms of architecture. I will also sometimes just take a picture of a brick wall, or grass, or pavement. I do this because I make 3D models and game levels and photographing and studying real structures helps me to make more realistic 3D ones. And the brick walls, grass and such are for textures. Very Happy
Me too. I don't take many pictures. But when I do I take almost anything. But I guess I do like taking pics of skies and rooftops, or skies and buildings etc. Though I'm no professional on it. XD
me likes to take pictures and movie clips of my girlfriend and i doing *ahem* something. Rolling Eyes
Studio Madcrow
I do mainly landscapes, but also buildings and I'm doing more and more people photography as well.
I'm doing more and more people photography as well.

nude photos??? Wink
I like to take pictures of my girlfriend.

I prefer filming anyway Cool
when I took my photography class, I preferred taking pictures of trees and flowers, mostly really up close for the cool effect and landscapes. I was never really good at it, and people never really suited me because you can never really seem to get the really good picture of them.
I love to photograph my asian ball-jointed-doll. She's so very easy to pose and always there for me to practice my photography skills on. n_n I also take pictures of myself, but that's so hard. >_>
I like to photograph my girlfriend a lot. but also scenery. In general, especially when i am on a vacation, on my pictures can't be find much people.
girlfriend..scenery, caves.. beach and girlfriend. hehe
i love taking pictures of my dog. she knows how to pose in different styles...
Do you know This is a top website for me, because i love moded nature and landscape. It's my number one.
I love to photo everyday events.

I recently merge different people's photos together from my wedding party. I managed to gather more than 400 photos from my guests in less than two weeks. It's a great way to share the moment.
I usually take photos of natural objects like trees etc, landscapes and animals. Wildlife and dogs are all welcome. When I used to go to dog agility classes, I loved taking pictures of dogs "in action".
I also love taking camera to the zoo as well as the sketchbook. I can spend hours and days in carnivores section drawing and taking pics Very Happy
I usually find myself thriving in nature settings and take pictures of landscapes, flowers, and plants the most...oh, and animals (domesticated ones, hehe.) Not super strong on photographing other people (ie., for portraits and whatnot) but getting better at that--it's sometimes hard since some people just aren't super photogenic and that is a small component of a good portrait, I think.
I love travel photography. I don't travel as much as I used to, so now I'm confined to taking pictures of the local world around me. I also enjoy macro photography. Getting up close and personal with everyday things to see them from a new perspective.
Of course, the majority of my photo collection would have to be candid family photos.
I love to take pictures of everything that is not a human.... I think it's because the nature and animals doesn’t hide or need some time to goose up, or think that it was a bad shot, I make all the delicious. But I don’t have any problem taking pictures of humans, one of my sisters is quite photogenic and makes crazy things while I take pictures of her. I don’t think I’m that good at taking pictures either, never show them to anyone so I don’t know what other’s thinks of them, I should upload them somewhere, I know…
Top of my list is photos of my kids, followed by my parrots, and then landscapes and people.

Resource Centre for Digital Video Productions
xyweb wrote:
I love taking pictures .. I'd usually take pictures of places than people. Scenery.. landscapes.. those things. How about you?

me too. i can't take good pics of people - want to learn it and will do it as soon as i've the possibility Wink
also like city landskape and different buildings
you can see my pict here
Landscapes and wildly weathers phenomena.
I like to take pictures ov everything.. you can take good pics of animals landscape and persons. I like if a shot is challenging.
just landscapes...nature at it's best....taking pictres of people isnt impressive..anyone can capture a person at any moment..but nature is takes somthing to be a great photographer..and i have the desire to posses that special quality.
I take photos of food, and coffee mostly; some of my cafe..

You can take a look here:

If I ever get my web-site up and going I'll add some more photos of the jam I've been making over the holidays.

Fun times.
i love to snap nature expecially lake , river , sea and mountain.Beside, i love to snap people too.
You know, when I go on vacations with my family, there's always a bit of an argument over what to photograph. My mother believes in taking photographs of people, not animals or scenery or anything like that. If you want a picture of the Grand Canyon, then by golly you better be standing in front of it.

I, on the other hand, like to take pictures of the weird little things. I'm still not one to take a picture of the Grand Canyon (the postcards are prettier anyways), but I'd totally take a picture of the weird little roadside cafe with an interesting sign.

I take pictures of the things no one cares about, really.
Everything and anything that catches my eye particulary.
Me My wife and My small baby of course.. ^^
if you had a son you will do the same like me and also me and my wife still young so we wanna keep a good memory ^^
I love taking pictures too, usually I take pictures of my pets and people.
nekid woman.

i cant find any though

i picture everytime i want to, when i hold my cellphone or digital camera,i capture every moment that i think it gives me a good remembrance..
I take pictures of just about everything. It started off as a hobby but then grew into my passion. In 2005 I shot mainly landscape/animals/nature and flora but in 2006 I got bored and started to do fashion and portraits. This year now so far i've done weddings and various works for magazines so I pretty much love all aspects of photography and trying really hard to make a living off my passion. Razz
I take pictures of anything beautiful, including scenary, people, and sometimes animals. However I Just started taking pictures and developing my own film so I'm not great yet
I like taking pictures of sceneries that I imagine I might like to draw someday, or use as a background.

I like to take pics of beautiful women as well (sometimes sneakily) hehe
Liu wrote:
Everything and anything that catches my eye particulary.

Hi Liu,

I really enjoyed your photos, especially the ones from Taiwan. Paticularly this one caught my eye:

That photo is great!!

I personally like to photograph nature, wildlife, and the plants I grow even though all I have is a little FinePix 2650. Smile
I dig taking photos of nature, check my site to see what I'm doing with them. But realize I'm not anywhere near done with it, since my banner blows and I don't have anything up for OR or WA yet. but Cali looks nice... Laughing
not sure if this counts, but i normally take videos of mountain biking, photos don't give the same effect.
I photograph anything....

Here are a few from British Superbikes Championship at Oulton Park. UK
If I have a camera in my hand (usually because someone wants me to take a picture of them), I'll just start snapping pictures of everything. It's fun to just mess around... and it's a good thing that I only use digital cameras.

If I actually have an inclination to go get a camera to take a picture, it is usually going to be my cats. They do the darndest things, and get into the darndest places, and it's fun to have a visual record to look back on.

It also helps to support a story of how stupid your pet has been. A friend of mine had a fish that swam into its filter and died. Only believed her because she took a picture on her phone.

What I don't like taking pictures of, though, are people posing. It seems so fake and boring. Good pictures come from people living in their element and just relaxing.

- Walkere
i ususally take pictures of nature - of some static things, which can't move. it gives me the time to choose the best position of the object and afterwords this objects can't say "uhhh, you took such a bad picture of me!!!!!" when they look through the shots Laughing
when i start photografing ppl, i feel like... a little confused, that it might take a time to make a good shot, i start shaking, amaking myself quicker and the result is always not perfect.... but i would really love to learn doing portraits! it's so difficult, but so cool, when yoã know how to do everything...
i love doing sports photography even tho im not very good Smile

here is a link to my sports gallery

^^ thats my favourite photo i've taken Smile
I like to photo trees and bushes, but not from far distance but I like close look - macroshots.
I take pictures of mostly cemetaries, trees, scenery, and old, abandoned buildings. I live right near an old tobacco farm...the barns are all lined up. It's really creepy going inside the houses that the tobacco workers lived in.

Anything dark and mysterious I like to photograph.
Divinaeon wrote:
I take pictures of mostly cemetaries, trees, scenery, and old, abandoned buildings. I live right near an old tobacco farm...the barns are all lined up. It's really creepy going inside the houses that the tobacco workers lived in.

Anything dark and mysterious I like to photograph.

I love photographing cemetries...There is some beautiful old cemetaries in my town...
I love old cemetaries...there's just so much mystery about them. When you have people from the 1700's and 1800's, you wonder how they passed. I remember driving out to the middle of nowhere just for the heck of it, and I stumbled upon an old cemetary. I don't think there was a single person buried there that was over the age of 11 or was really quite sad.
Detremmerie wrote:
people and nature. Have a lifetime dream of doing astrophotography though.

I would love to do that too!

I usually take pictures of flowers we have around the house, or the sky (sunsets and whatnot), or the moon and stars...or just nice landscapes. I just got a new tripod so I've been having a field day with it. Very Happy I've recently gotten more into photography lately, so I've been going crazy with taking photos. I've considered going into a photography field when I graduate from college. We'll see. Very Happy

Here's one of my favorite moon photos that I've taken:
Captain Fertile
I have to say that without a doubt I photograph my kids more than anything. They are the apple of my eye.

I love photographing them and it is so important to do so because they change daily.
I like to shoot anything usually is scenics or landscapes, but sometimes I get a good shot of people.
I've been taking a lot more pictures since I got a digital camera. People, my pets, buildings, anything that catches my eye, really. My yard is busting out with flowers already because of the unseasonably warm weather, so I've been taking a lot of flower pictures. I took this one just this morning:

And yes, this was a close-up, and no, I'm not afraid of bees. The bee is actually what drew my attention to the azalea bush in the first place. The photo didn't come out quite as sharp as I hoped (the bee was moving), but I still like it.
I've always loved to photograph stuff, no matter what nature, from people, animals, landscapes, to unsignificant stuff, like books, rooms, paintings and so on. I have a digital camera, but it's more like a family camera, not so indicated for professional photography. Unfortunately, I'm not a great photograper myself, but I intend to take some courses and wide my photography knowledge area. This shouldn't be that hard, considering that many friends of mine can help me, as they are very good photographers!

About the topics of the photographs, as I said, I like taking pictures to about everything! My favourite type of photos are black and white ones, because I believe that colours make you not see the essential of the picture. For instance, in a people picture (which is my favourite type Smile ) the important thing is the expression on that person's face, not the colour of his/her lips!

Anyway, as I have no more to say about myself and my hobby, photography, because I'm not a professional photographer (as much as I would like to be), I want to invite you to see a real photographer's web site : . Enjoy it and, if you have any other suggestions, post them! I can hardly wait to see other great web sites about photography! Very Happy See ya!
I found something really nifty! It's a photography newsletter, once or twice a week they send you something cool about taking pictures or what to do with them afterwards. There is some stuff here a professional photographer could probably use, but it's geared mostly towards regular people who just like to take pictures and have fun with them. Check out:
I haven't had a lot of opportunity to pursue this hobby, although there is that intention of turning it into more of a hobby. (Maybe when I get a raise, because at my current salary, I really can't afford a good digital SLR.)

Anyway, it turns out that most of my pictures are of beaches. Maybe because whenever I go on vacation, I make it a point to go to the beach (due to the fact that there are sooooo many beaches where I live.)

The pictures above were taken just last December. This is in the Philippines, a resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan. We were the only ones there during that time so we had the whole stretch of beach to ourselves!

(More pictures here.)
Even though I got a new camera for Christmas, I don't take nearly as many pictures as I should. Most of my pictures are of my pets.
my 15mth old daughter
take photos of myself and my friends
miacps wrote:

Hi Liu,

I really enjoyed your photos, especially the ones from Taiwan. Paticularly this one caught my eye:

That photo is great!!

I personally like to photograph nature, wildlife, and the plants I grow even though all I have is a little FinePix 2650. Smile

Thanks a lot miac Smile i'm really glad you enjoyed them.
you will find my pc drive full of natural scenaries and cute animals
i love to take pictures of my family and frnds... sometimes of the scenery and landscape around me
Taking photos of my friends and family, sunsets at sea, partys and always when it is a happy moment Very Happy

And when I look at them some time later I only see the good times I had...

I guess I'd have to say I shoot more people than anything else. I just started up a photoblog. Check it out and comment on the photos please. I just started photography so any criticism will help.


linangan, those are some great photos! I also have quite a few shots of the beach since my university campus is right next to the beach. My dad just went back to the Philipines for vacation a few weeks ago. I haven't been there. Looks like going would be a grea photo op.
Most of the photographs I take are of costumes that I've made or that my friends have made... We're all very into costuming, and we like to take lots of pictures of the results. I've also started taking pictures of some more elaborate and strange hairstyle experiments I've done lately.
i would probably say that i take more pictures of places and landscapes before people. i definitely don't take any pictures of myself but others is fine. i love taking photos and framing them. the last pictures i framed were ones that i had taken from Lake Tahoe a couple years ago. they are easily the best ones i have ever taken in my life. i have been told i would be able to sell them if i really wanted to. Who knows if I actually will or not, but oh well....they are great hanging on my wall
I don't take much pictures about myself either. Mostly lanscape and "little things". I try to catch the moment of living, in a manner.
I mainly take pictures of people, nature and other random things. Often pictures with nature and a person in it doing some wierd stuff.
I like taking pictures of beaches and landscapes!
We're one year into our project of transforming our 1/5 acre lawn into an edible forest garden. I've been taking pictures as we go showing the changes. Plus taking pictures of the chickens, the bees, the wood stove we installed, and so on.

The pictures are mostly to post on my blog to augment the textual descriptions of what we're doing. I'm finding I enjoy trying to figure out how to get the best shots to show different parts of the yard...from the roof, from different spots around the yard, and so on.

about everything i can til the mem card is full
I love to take picture of anything - from Landscape, Cityscape, Still Object, Flower, People and so on - as it will help me to develop my photography skill

Please check my deviant gallery to give me some feedback, suggestion or even critiques Smile
ladys on the beach and animals and some other places
I'm not too keen on people photography, although I enjoy taking pictures of children. My main subjects are nature, animals, landscapes.

Right now, most of the pictures I take are of my son, who is now 2.
I take pictures of interesting tree shapes, flowers (of course) and these giant ants that live in my backyard (and scare the crap out of me...)

Fire ants are horrible creatures...
kevin briggs
i love taking photos of racing motorbikes.its hard to get good shots as they travel so fast,i could do with a better camera with better functions for fast moving objects,ill have to wait to christmas santa might bring me one.
Heart Ticket
xyweb wrote:
I love taking pictures .. I'd usually take pictures of places than people. Scenery.. landscapes.. those things. How about you?

I take pictures of me and a friend of mine... mainly me lol!

Alina wrote:
xyweb wrote:
I love taking pictures .. I'd usually take pictures of places than people. Scenery.. landscapes.. those things. How about you?

me too. i can't take good pics of people - want to learn it and will do it as soon as i've the possibility Wink
also like city landskape and different buildings
you can see my pict here

Hurray .... !!! Wink Hey people who are habituated in photography will be almost likes to take photgraph of places (greenery, deserted...)

And as you asked " How to learn taking good pictures of people ? " Idea

Its Very simple dude.... Start taking pictures of a Nice beautiful gal in different angles in different peculiar light and posh colours...
Ho gaya baath.....
My favorite picture that I took I happened to snap with my cell phone before soccer practice. The pitcure turned out so well, but because I took it with my cell phone the resoultion is so low that I can't do much with it. You can see it Here. Most of the photos I take are of my kidos.
i think i took many photos for my family, I like shot people
I love taking picture of beaches, sea, as long as it connects to the nature, I capture it...Also babies, cute little children..hehehe Very Happy
I take photos of my dogs. And cats, bunnies, horses.. And nature, like flowers Smile Taking photos of horses is fun, becouse you can take so many pictures, and they all look different :> Same thing whit dogs.
i don't like to take pic of myself just prefer to take pic of my friends, animals, nature and garbage Very Happy
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