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My first website....

My new website is now up. Anyone that would like can take a look and let me know what they think.

I'm not really a web designer, I'm a video producer and that's what my website is really about. I do design simple websites for businesses but I specialize in putting video on the website. Anyways, feel free to take a look and let me know what you think. I'm pretty much self taught on the web design thing though.

I quite like the main site - especially the reflected logo (one of my favorite techniques) - resize the logo using photoshop (or whatever graphics program you use) instead of doing it using css/html - it will look more "clean" that way.

The body of the main site is reasonable nice as well - however I would recommend slightly increasing the line height for readability, and making the sidebar slightly more graphical - maybe something like this:


Get rid of the splash screen. Before you make more innocent visitors eyes burn...

It really looks horrible (sorry), however the combination on loads of bright colors, very hard to read text, and an almost invisible click here to come in link, I think there is a lot of room for improvement. Even easier: get rid of the splash screen! When you get a visitor you want to lead them DIRECTLY to your content, instead of showing them your name only - I doubt NewYorkTimes would ever have become a large newspaper if their frontpage looked like this:


Hope that was useful, and feel free to PM me for coding help (though dont expect me to give you the worlds most awesome answer ever...)
The site is great but the logo looks dull.Brighten it up and it will look great.
I really like your site!!! Very Happy

I'd get rid of the first page with all the colours n' that... it's a bit too funky looking and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the site's theme. the main site itself looks awesome! i really like the menu at the top that scrolls as you move up/down the page and the site design is really clean and easy to work through!

good job! Wink
the site layout is fantastic..just your logo needs all is fantastic
Ok, thanks to everyone for their comments. I tried to fix the first page, it's better now I think. My old webhost doesn't recognize PHP so I am building most of the site here at frihost and putting a redirect on my old web address as most of my existing customers would be confused if I changed the URL. I will probably end up using my old webhost for hosting framed photos of Alaska that I want to sell as it will work for that, and send the video portion of the visitors over content on frihost. Anyways, that's why that first page was so different from the rest of it.
I'm using the latest version of Firefox. I really like your top bar that moves as you scroll, but in my browser, when that bar gets half way down your logo, the scrolling becomes very choppy. I don't know what causes this, but I though you should know.

It does look nice though.
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