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Hows every ones christmas been

hi iv noticed that a lot of people that i know seem to be so down and misserable every one seems unhappy this christmas i have know idea why.
iv said to people hi how are you and they say ok i supose but it doesnt seem like christmas but yet iv got to agree with them it really doesnt does anyone know why and hows everyone elses christmas been.
i think it may be due to it not been snowy where i am this year and it been my 16th christmas. anyway hope everyone has a great christmas and i hope my turns out to get a lot better.
Hope you have a great holiday season too!
I think everyone's just generally busy at the time of year, with finals, gift-buying, end-of-the-year deadlines, etc. Come Christmas (when most people get the day off), people will be happier again.
... or it could be winter depression. Sad
iv asked a few people and they say its winter depresion thank you for your help this is the first christmas iv ever had winter depresion before but i hav this year due to cold.
last night, christmas eve, i was working.... talking the school choir to Christmas caroling in a clubhouse... then i just returned home. Today, i stay at home only, nothing to do, nowhere to do. And typing this little posting... so boring..
Christmas isn't for another 3 and half hours over here (California). However, I'm going to Taiwan!!
Last night was christmas eve, and it was pretty decent - my mother is Polish, so we had a 'traditional' Polish meal. I didn't like the food that much, but this has been the first time in a while that I've eaten with my family, so it was nice.

Today is the first real Christmas day here, and I'll be spending time with my girlfriend's family later on.
Well today (first christmas day) my husband and I are going to see his family. All his sisters will come, that's around 4 and whe will have a meal together. After that ill think whe will open the presents!

On second christmas day where not going to do much expect enjoying our beginning of our holiday and waiting for the time to go by for my most fav day of the year. And that's new year!
Captain Fertile
My Christmas day has been hectic! Just finished cleaning up after lunch. The kids are playing with their toys in the livign room while the elderly lrelatives try to hear Deal or No Deal over the din, my wife is playing with her new mobile.

So I have sneaked on for a quick five minutes wind down with some chocolate and FriHost.

One thing I am suprised at is the number of people here and posting today, I think it shows Frihost is an important part of many people'es lives.

I love Xmas and today has been a good one.

Now its all over just another 364 days to go so let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Christmas 2007!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing
Bad for me Sad

I need to work during Christmas and it was very busy Sad
Mines going fine. Stuck in with family, but got some nice things and it isn't a bad atmosphere this year, which is nice.
Christmas has been alright so far. Neither here nor there, just sort of melancholy. I got some pretty kick ass gear from the family though. I'll be occupied for a while. Very Happy
Yea i think know that christmas has gone really great so yay
Christmas here in us is just ok... we celebrate our "noche buena" (eating dinner at 12:00 am), giving gifts and playing some indoor games. Smile

I'm happy to celebrate my Christmas with my family, relatives and friends here in our house. Wink
This Christmas has pretty much been like any other day...I had to work today from 8am-6pm so it really felt like just another normal workday. I'll do my celebrating over New years Wink
Having christmas is quiet weird here in australia since there aren't actually any snow, actually it's sunny outside. Also just like myself, there are people like me who doesn't actually celebrate christmas so you need to becareful who you say merry xmas to.
where i am in grimsby there is no snow, there hasnt been for around 5 years or more on christmas now i can only remember it been snowy here when i was a little kid.
It's pretty tiring, but so much better than last year's! Very Happy
[We had the winter depression last year, I guess Sad]

We spent it with the relatives down south, and it was all well and good.
I had a fantastic Christmas and I hope everyone else did as well. So here is a BELATED Merry Christmas to You all! Smile

Santa Clause hauled along a 32' inch lcd hdtv for my bedroom and a 36' inch lcd hdtv for my family room.

He also brought me a Garmin Portable GPS for my car since I like to travel a lot. I think that was insulting to my directions, but I guess I needed it!

Hope everyone had a great year and hopes everyone has a prosperous 2007!
My christmas has been like hell. Just want to die
catscratches wrote:
My christmas has been like hell. Just want to die

Thats a darn shame mate hope things get better for you
mine has been really relaxing so far. let's see what have i done this ive watched about 30 movies including the entire nightmare on elm street series. i've played countless hours of counterstrike using a ball mouse. i've listened to tons of strange progressive rock and i've read a few books. not bad for a break id say!
A lovely Christmas eve, day & night, but a crazy Boxing day where my huge family were together with perhaps too much to drink for some, and big time fall-outs, arguing & fights Argh!!!
...was not very nice experience, but being family, everyone made up the next day - or papered over the cracks anyway - and the one good thing for me this year was that none of it was my fault hehe, and I'm the blue eyed boy as far as my Mam is concerned Very Happy
Mine have been really great, i have gained some good gifts. after have used some time to fix the christmas tree, then haven we eaten our traditionel food, as we eat in Denmark. we would have been in church, but had to wait to 00:00 because of the last time at our place, was a hour earlyer than normal.

so we mist it, but well ,we sang around the tree, and then did we pick a present each. got some good stuf, a webcam and a mp3 player 1 GB with fm radio

2 shirt, kept the one of them, the other changed i to a shirt and got some money back

a pair of shoes as i changed to a suit instead Razz

so ,it was nice and i got left ot say is

hapy new year ( don't blow your self up )
Pretty much same Christmas. i went to the club hanged out with some of the friends. had some enjoyment. did go out with parents... that's all
sure seems like the older you get the more plain Christmas is or is just me? Either way my daughter had am absolute blast on Christmas morning so i guess that's all the really matter right?
my step-niece and step-nephew were absolutely thrilled on christmas day, but that was probably because they got around 50 presents. I think the older you get, the less appealing christmas becomes because you actually have to pay for them... at least thats how I felt. It wasn't fun watching my pockets empty before the big day.
JC Vincent Pelletero
I watched movie the entire night. after doing the system that is due this january. it's still a good Christmas though. Having to receive two albums of primal fear and an album from cradle of filth. hehe. So, how's Christmas in other parts of the world guys?

Peace. Happy new year!
My Christmas was kinda sad. We always spend Christmas at our grandmother's house with all my relatives (father side). But for this Christmas, my grandmother's not in the country. We still spent our Christmas there with my father's siblings and their families though. We weren't suppose to go there cause we wanted to spend Christmas for the first time with my mother's mother. but my grandmother called and didn't agree. Anyway, this Christmas was okay.. It's just not as fun.
I was in my cousin's house and it was ok, but when a firecracker failed and hit me all became sad, they all were annoying me with "are you ok?", "how are you?" and all that. After that i went to my grandmother's house and played the drums <3
I was eating christmas dinner in my brother house. Kind of boring christmas but lot of chocolate, so its ok Very Happy Happy new year people!
Mine was good aside from my father-in-law being in the midst of dying of inoperable brain cancer. Aside from that, it was swell... but at least he got to enjoy one final Merry Christmas.
My Christmas has been, for the most part, rather pleasant. Luckily, I did not have many people for whom to buy presents; as a result, I saved myself quite a bit of money. I still have a few things to take care of, though - a cousin of mine (with whom I have not spoken face-to-face for almost a ten years) sent me a Christmas/New Year's card, and I have yet to reply. Looks like I should get cracking on that. Smile

For the most part, I spent my Christmas on my couch and bed; gotta love those time-consuming, addictive video games. Ironically enough, my father was born on Christmas; however, he's quite the humbug when it comes to celebrating it. It seems as if there is no value in celebrating it for him, so he doesn't bother.
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