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Any takers for LASIK?

Hello People,

It's been now more than six months since my LASIK surgery. I'm doing fantastic.

I used to squint hard at the letters on a book held 30 cms from my eyes. Forget about reading the blackboard even from the front row of the class without glasses...And girls used to brand me as a bookworm, just because of my glasses!

Every morning I wake, crack open an eyelid and find the cobweb hanging in the corner of my hostel room, which I earlier couldn't have seen without my glasses, and curse my luck that I didn't think of LASIK all these years. That cobweb serves me as a reminder and I don't plan to take it out anytime soon Razz

If you want to cure shortsight, guys and gals, there is only one way to go. Glasses, contacts, I've been there. Nothing is as good as LASIK. If you hate your glasses, you owe it to yourself to check this option out.
I'm happy with my glasses/contacts at the moment. If girls think your a bookworm just for that, then you really don't want to know those girls.

I have been thinking about getting LASIK once my eye sight stabalized however.
I'm happy with glasses/contacts too, but I'd get LASIK in a heartbeat if I.. you know.. had money, and was old enough..

My Acuvue Advanced contacts cost about $100 / 6 mo. (1-800-CONTACTS). Decent LASIK seems to cost around $1000/eye these days. Thus, if I can get rid of my contacts and glasses (~$200/5 years), it will take less than 10 years just to break even financially. But, if you take into consideration the decreased annoyance of having your glasses fall off, your contacts getting scratched, the wasted time from putting your contacts in and taking them out and cleaning them (and searching for and buying them, etc.), and all of the other hassles associated with having glasses or contacts, it is a no-brainer if you're a good candidate.

Thus, I guess all you have to do is go in and find out whether you're a good candidate for LASIK or not.

A few websites give good advice on the various procedures offered and such:

Bausch & Lomb's Marketing Website with good info:
Wikipedia--a good complete article with a lot of references:
A comprehensive site on vision. Well done:

Decide for yourself whether you think it is worth it. Is it just worth the money? Or is it worth more to you--one or two less movies a year to get rid of your glasses and contacts which are constantly pestering you? For me it is. Once I can save up a little more money, I hope to make the switch!

LASIK Prices:
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