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How easy is easymod?

After easy modded is added to my 2.0.22 forum, how easy are mods? Do I just put them in the folder where the mods go, and go into my admin panel, then to easymod, type my pass, and press the button to activate it?
To put it simply: easy. What you do have to remember though is that not all mods are easymod compatible, those ones may require extra work. Other than that you just upload the mod and click a few buttons, that's about it.
Just so you know, about 10% of mods are said to be compadible with easymod, but out of that 10%, only about 40% work.
well every mod ive ever used with it worked and was easy to setup Very Happy then again... i only really used cashmod and... some other mod so... XD
Looks like I'll be having people from FRIHOST setting up my mods for me.
But what I don't understand is how easymod doesn't need CHMODing since it moves and edits files. I have used it on a few phpBBs on a few hosts (one which it wasn't able to modify) and the one that didn't work was on Siteburg, has anyone ever had an experience with
Fire Boar
I think easymod does all the chmodding. But I prefer to MIY (mod it yourself). It takes only a bit more time, and it's far less likely to go wrong. There was a mod I installed once with a syntax error in the instructions, and it claimed it was easymod compatible. The thing is, what with all the versions of PHPBB, many mods are only compatible with one version.
To put it simply: easy.

Yes, easymod is easy, but not very effective. Yes, it does help if you do not know how to install mods by yourself but if you figure out how to install them it is actully really easy. It doesn't take much to install them and they are really useful if you get to know how to install them.

You should learn if you don't know how.
I also prefer to mod myself but I have tried easymod when I installed the cash mod on my forum and it worked perfectly.
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