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LG KG800 Chocolate

Hey, I'm 13 and should I get the LG KG800 Chocolate? It's VERY good looking and the features are great. I just want you guys' opinion.
Don't worry about price, my parents said I can get it. Is it a good phone?
Probably, Probably Not. It's only "Dressed to Impress".
I think it looks beautiful and all, but just a comment from one of my friends is that the touch keys are oversensitive. I'd recommend you try out at the store for a few mins if you can.
I haven't heard any one that likes it...
I bought that phone for my GF. In terms of design its pretty stylish, more on the classy side. The menu buttons are quite sensitive but on the whole the phone is alright. Only problem is there is no option for memory expansion(if i'm not wrong.)
Although that phone looks good, I'm no fan of it. In fact, most phones I like aren't very good looking. Wink I've used that phone before, but I'm not too happy with the navigation, like someone said before, the keys are oversensitive. Performance is good, but not great. Basically the phone is good in terms of "looks," otherwise, there are many other options I'd choose over it. But it's all a matter of personal choice. I think you should try it out before you buy it. Overall, it's not a bad phone, but my personal taste is performance and features, not looks. Very Happy
It depends mostly on you and what features you prefer on it. And if you are a girl, you might as well take it because it is kinda girly. Overall, i would say it's not bad.
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