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What do you think about Paparazzi

What do you think about the Paparazzi photographers?

I really think they are being rude to the celebs. I recently saw the footage on the TV and i felt very sad for the celebs..
pashmina wrote:
What do you think about the Paparazzi photographers?

I really think they are being rude to the celebs. I recently saw the footage on the TV and i felt very sad for the celebs..

According to me, they have not any rights for the things maked by the them. People have special life and control and rights of the it are belong the them, not of the paparazzians.
Celebs want to be photographed, but not alot. Some what it and they know its coming. Stay out of the spotlight, if you don't like it.
i am always torn when i see video footage of a celebrity smashing a paparazzos camera. the photographer obviously crossed a line and was too pushy and probably deserved more. but seeing a fine piece of equipment smashed into pieces makes me cringe

as a photographer myself, my opinion is that paparazzi are low-life scumbags. they are rude, pushy and intrusive, and give serious photography a bad name. it is depressing that the rewards for their photographs are so lucrative, and that there are people who seriously get off on celebrities personal lives.

sure, celebrities earn WAY too much money and get treated like demi-gods, being photographed is the flip-side to fame and they should deal with it as part and parcel of their industry. but i can still emphasise with the pain of the intrusion into their lives, even if they can pass by the cameras, back to their houses, to roll around in their millions.
They are not good at all, they just interfere in the private life of celebs.

But without them celebs dont get the publicity they want, sometimes they are used by the celebs to become more popular.
I think there's definitely a fine line between freedom of press and invasion of privacy in paparazzi.

It's hard to say that the paparazzi can only take photographs under certain circumstances, that hardly seems to endorse the idea of free press and free speech. But on the other hand, it's not right that these 'celebrities' are hounded at all hours of the days. If they were 'normal' people, it would be considered an invasion of privacy, or stalking.

I don't agree when people say actors ask for this kind of attention. The actors we see on our screen (and in the trash mags) definitely are at the top of their careers. But people in other fields - doctors, lawyers, engineers, whatever - don't get hounded the same way. Why do actors deserve to be? Some encourage it, definitely, by the way the carry on, but I think the majority don't. Doesn't everyone deserve the right to dress daggily in their own backyard without being hassled?
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