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Top Supplier of Handmade Products in the Philippines - EiD


Eve’s International Designs, a costume jewelry manufacturer based in Cebu City, Philippines. We are able to offer you fine quality fashion accessory which we can categorically say will be at a very competitive prices, yet maintaining definite quality standards. We have extensive designs for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, belts, and other costume accessories made of indigenous land and sea-sourced materials, dried banana leaves and barks, coconut shells, and common and rare shell specimens, most of which are endemic only in a tropical country like the Philippines. The designs are usually accented with synthetic components, like metal balls, colorful threads, plastic and glass nuggets, etc. We also manufacture bags, and house decors. Moreover, we can supply all kinds of components in strands or by pieces—wood, shell, coco, horn, bone, lumbang seeds, etc. Images of our designs are illustrated within this website.

Eve’s International Designs, a very young, family-owned business, is professionally managed with a competent and hard working team. With years of experience as employees in an export-import company and having engaged in an actual export business in a partnership setting, the family opted to establish its own business, the result of which was the birth of Eve’s International Designs.

As a highly qualified staffed company, we are always seeking for quality improvement in order to satisfy our customers and aimed at providing the market with products specially designed from our clients needs. Our designs are guaranteed original and rare— reliably handled by creative designers, to gratify both high fashion and casual wears. The categories of designs include all walks of life. We also aim to accommodate to the interests of both male and female clients worldwide.

We are pleased to say that Eve’s International Designs is your preferred supplier for costume fashion accessory - where you are always assured of Quality, Class, Competence and Service.

Please visit our website at or email us
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