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Friendhsip and Love

Friendship and Love are the two elements gifted to man which give immense pleasure in this world.

We all know what friendship is but very few know how to grow good friendship.I tell you how it is-pick a clean heart,plant in a pot of trust,water with good thoughts, add faith, remove misunderstanding and nourish it.

In Love, friendship is must,because its all about how much you care and understand your beloved one.Only good friends can understand each other and thats the success behind me.I'm sure this attitude leads to a happy life.
Thats great srikanth
I think love and friendship are same thing, but on different levels...
I agree with xkobram. They are the most important things in person's life. For me it's impossible to live without my friends
For me too. But i have a problem... I found loosing my friends exciting... Nice? Sad Sad
For around me can be my friends..but if it is a woman...a friend is not a valid word for me anymore..I can't differentiate between a friend(woman) or me , a woman in my life..will always be special to every aspects
honestly u have to look at it, ur best friends have alot in common with u, and u also have to look at it this way, ur friends of the opposite sex if u truely think about it, can u imagine urself being with them. i think in order to have one u need the other, trust is a factor in everything. but honestly u can't 100% trust anyone, o u may say o no i trust my boyfriend/girlfriend, but u mean to tell me when they go out with their friends that u don't worry!!! yea thats what i thought its hard but relationships are grown from friendships, and to start friendships u need trust, so start oe to finish another, Wink if u understand that then u will be set for life!
Silvous, of course you worry when they go out. But if you can't put 100% faith in them by doing this (and let them know that you do) then your putting an added guilt trip on them. If they don't really have a concious then they'll cheat on you anyway and you can get rid of them. Repeat this until you find the one who won't run from you and I believe you will have found the right one.

Or, at the very least, one who will be worth that 100%. Naivety is sometimes quite sweet Smile
I agree friendship and love are gifts of god ,but friendship is more important since a person is weighted by the friends he comes far ahead.make good friends live happy life
I also think that you have to have love for someone to be their friend. In order to be a real friend to someone you have to care about them a great deal, you have to love them.
I must say friendship and love are same thing.
I love my friends, my love is my friend
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