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Opinions about Photoshop CS3?

I just installed Photoshop CS3 and from what I see is quite a major update. The interface looks better to me know, and is more easily/efficiently customizable. I was not able to solve the issue of my pictures going under the right of the screen menus, but this is not a problem anymore (to give one example).
Has anybody tested it too? What do you think about it?

PS: This is a beta, so it's still quite unstable...
still in Beta though, its completely different from the view of the working environtment.

its pretty expensive, thus I would make the best use of my money by sticking to CS2 till CS3 full comes out next year Embarassed
You can try out the beta for 2 days without a license, but if you have CS2, you can use the beta with unlimited trial period (until final version of CS3 comes out, I guess).
I like those 2 new layer blending modes -lighten and darken
But the interface is not managable as u are not allowed to seperate the palletes from the new "docks"
Well, I got it the other day and I do prefer the interface over Photoshop CS2.

I also find it good that all of the old CS2 tutorials I have tried in to work, which to me is very important (Try using Flash MX tutorials for Flash 8, they seem completely different to me).

Here's a screen shot I took. Sorry if it does not fit on you screen (I have a wide screen).
gimp works for me. if you can find something cs3 will do which gimp will not with a little more knowledge of the software, let me know.
Photoshop CS3 has a similar GUI like Reader 8. I was little confuse by this. I thing it will cut more space on my monitor and I don't like it.

tony wrote:
gimp works for me. if you can find something cs3 will do which gimp will not with a little more knowledge of the software, let me know.

When I was reading this article, I know that somebody will tell that GIMP is the best or GIMP rulez or something other.

The only thing that I like on Photoshop CS2 is GUI. Smaller buttons, more intelligent pallets, more space for picture. And I know that GIMP is limited by its own widget library (GTK) and the idea of this library.
The worst thing is, that there is no skin to persuade GIMP look like "Photoshop"
It sounds horrible. But I have small screen. It is the reason why I sometimes reboot to windows to do something in Photoshop.
I am using a notebook computer, so the workplace of Photoshop is important to me but the photoshop CS3 looks different... maybe I'll install the trailer after the beta version
Well, because it is still in beta so I'am choose not download it now for test.
Another reason is I don't wish it just is a minor update to cs2 as cs2 with cs1 is the case.

I would like appreciate Wink if any one could capture some screens and post here.

I'm Using CS3 on an Intel MacBook Pro. I love it. it is soooo much faster than CS2 was on my x86 mac. Just the fact that it is a universal binary makes it soo much nicer. The only issue so far was that my plugins and filters didn't seem to work with CS3. or maybe I installed them wrong. I installed a bunch of Alien Skin plugins but they are not showing up in the filters menu where they normally do. has anyone else gotten plugins working in the Beta on a mac?
not much of a visual development... Sad

anyway... still exploring... cant find any thing new ... Sad
blueray wrote:
I would like appreciate Wink if any one could capture some screens and post here.

Special requests?
Anyway, here you go...
Docks on the right contracted:

Main docks on the right expanded + history dock too:

As you can see, this is no minor upgrade, and in my opinion, this is way better than CS2.
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