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Eiffel's Anime Art!

Hello all! ^^

I just joined the forums here, in the hopes of soon getting a quality host for my art site. Here are some examples of my art:

Thanks for looking, and I hope that you'll all visit my site, when it opens ^-^

Very cool stuff. The middle one cracked me up with the little mushroom guys. hehe. But i like pictures like your last one. Very interesting to look at. Post your site when it's up, I'd like to check it out.
love the expressions in the first one
Thanks, guys ^^ I'm glad that you like 'em!

Here're some more - These ones are all Legend Of Zelda fanarts~

geez you are good.
that's really awesome. Geez... I see you're a nintendo fan, heh
Hehe yes ^^ I'm a total Nintendo fan! Much more so, than other things, at least. The only non-Nintendo console I play is PS2, and even then it's just for the Final Fantasy series ^o^/.

Thanks for checkin' this thread out, guys ^^

Sorry for the double post, but I would just like to add that I got my hosting at Frihost, and now my site is up! ^-^ Yay!

And here's a new pic (Harry Potter fanart) so that this post isn't totally worthless:

nice Very Happy
You have dower
wow they are looking very cool Wink
Thanks~ Very Happy

I've been working away on lots of new projects, since opening my site again, and (of course) I've got even more art for you all to see! ^^

Here are a couple more Harry Potter fanarts that I sketched out in my spare time, the other day:

And here's a mascot that I made for my local anime club:

you have very good pics and very funny and hope your site goes good
Thank you! ^^ It seems to be going very well, so far~

Here's a new piece, that I just completed. It's a little end-of-the-world idea I had.


Here are some more pics from my site! ^^

You appear to be slightly low on points, mate. Buck up! With art like that showing off on your website, you definitely get a lot of visitors, and I'm sure you don't want to lose your hosting.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I liked your drawing, every one of them (almost), and asking you to remain active in the forums as well Very Happy
I dont usually like Anime but I must say that your art is very good. Visited your website and I liked what I saw- Original Art ! - Keep up the good work - and I know - sometimes when you are working on your site - that its difficult to post here when you are tired - but you have to try ! Would hate to see your site getting closed down.

Keep on Sketching !

Thanks for the kind words ^^ I really appreciate it.

Here are a couple of pieces that haven't been put up on the site yet.

Thanks again ^^ I'll try to post as much as I can. (I mean, this hosting is the best I've ever had, so I'll do what it takes to keep it.)

I love all this background art and the zelda fanart is pretty cool. Decided DevientArt just wasn't enought eh? Anyway, top up those points, they go down at a rate of one a days so always keep at least ~10 in reserve.
Just wanted to put up one more pic, before bed (well, two, I guess) -

This is an idea I had from another forum to use forumite's characters to make a band. It worked pretty adorably, I think! ^^

Tremendous skill, though leg proportions seem wierd even though I realise the angle you were going for. May I ask what program you use to color? I use Photoshop.
You're right, the legs aren't evenly matched ;^; I'm actually glad that you saw that, 'cause I didn't initially pick up on it. ^^

I use Photoshop, as well! I have CS version.

Skyte Resengard
loveing it. REally good. I wish I could draw like that.
You use a tablet right ?

What type ?
I wish I had a tablet.

Actually, one of the main reasons I started a commission site was to get a tablet (I'm almost there, by the way).

The one I'd like to get is a professional artists' Wacom Intuos 9x12 (the biggest one). It's about $600 american @_@.

For now, though, I use a scanner (for lineart) and a mouse (to color). ;__;

Ah .. well I've got a tablet .. not the best, but it's nice for just drawing once in a while. Have had it for a while, but haven't really gotten around to being able to draw and then colour them. I can't seem to draw good lineart - I always draw with tons of shading and kinda roughly so some of the lines never meet. Makes it extremely difficult when I wanna colour since there's lots of gaps (some you can't even see). How do you go about cleaning up your drawings to turn the original into lineart for colouring ? Do you ink first before scanning ? I used to scan my works .. could never figure out how to get clean lines out of em. Here's one I scanned like .. three years ago:

I never got around to finishing it, but from some parts you can see, I put a lot of detail (such as the cuffs) and I find it difficult to make clean lineart even when I zoom in and trace over it. It doesn't look quite as right when you zoom back out. Ah well.
A lot of getting lineart to work well is setting a higher contrast, when you scan.

I have a tutorial for getting lineart ready on my site. ^^

Oooh .. not sure if I've tried that before, but I'll give it a whack sometime. Still need to find another way for high detailed work, unless I scan that drawing I did in like .. 1000dpi heh. Ah well, nice tutorial man.
They're awesome! Keep up the good work!!!
wow man, your arts are remarkable, wonderful, really cought my eyes glued to the screen, ahahaha... keep up the good work man.
Very cool stuff. The middle one cracked me up with the little mushroom guys. hehe. But i like pictures like your last one. Very interesting to look at. Post your site when it's up, I'd like to check it out.
The site is ^^

I'm glad you like what I've put up, and I promise that much more will be seen over the coming months. Unfortunately, I'm designing the new version of my site in Flash at the same time as I'm learning it, so they may appear in short bursts of art.

I hope that when the flash version of my site is up, there'll be a lot more ease of use, as well as a tighter gallery section. Until then, I'm pretty happy with the site I have now. ^___^

I love your landscape pics. Amazing stuff.

Thanks ^^. >_> it took me the longest time to understand the basics of landscape painting. I'm still not very good at doing them in with real paints.


I'd just like to say that the new version of my website is up and runnin'! So, please head on over ( ) and see it, in all its glory~

I decided to use frames instead of flash, so it looks a lot bigger and bolder. I hope you all enjoy it ^-^

Also, to not make this just a spam post, here is a new image created for the site's main page!

Very awesome! Have you considered Deviantart? Also you might want to think about selling prints at your local anime/gaming convention! Tables are usually around 30$ for a 3 day convention.
T3 Architect
thats really good good job!
anime rocks...

i like inuyasha and full metal alchemist Very Happy pwnage
AGStudios wrote:
Very awesome! Have you considered Deviantart? Also you might want to think about selling prints at your local anime/gaming convention! Tables are usually around 30$ for a 3 day convention.

Indeed I have considered it!

Once I get my vehicle up and running (and once the gas prices go down a bit), I'll be setting up a schedual of cross-American dates for cons.

Right now, though, I'm getting the prints section of my website active so I can print orders from my site. It'll be a tad cheaper than DA (as I already have a high-quality photo printer, and supplies).

Prints are a much more conveniant way to get art out there, and I'm reall looking forward to offering them.


Hey these are awesome!! How long does it takes you to get one of these done? This is cool...
For the finished pieces on my site, it takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to sketch, ink, scan, color and finish a piece.

The sketches take only a few minutes. ^-^

keep it up eiffel, not sure how to best increase your points, but please do so soon!
love your style! very nice.

Here's one I made, today~

You create that? Very cool i see your personal site congratulation you is great artist Wink

edit: how program you use?
lpbrasil wrote:
You create that? Very cool i see your personal site congratulation you is great artist Wink

edit: how program you use?

Thank you ^_^

As for how I use Photoshop, you can see some of my tutorials on my site! ^^

Here's a new pic, for Halloween!

some pic look funny...... Laughing Laughing Laughing
very cool Smile
i like zelda
Lol. Thanks for the replies, guys ^_^

i love the clouds!
what program was that that made it?
I have used KPT some for photoshop, but it never made anything as beautiful.
Wow, nice drawings. The last one is simply amazing...
wrightbros: Thanks! ^^ I use Photoshop for everything I color on the computer. I've recently been messing around in Corel Painter and Open Canvas, but Photoshop will always be my main program.

As for how I use it, I'm trying to make as many tutorials as I can for it. So far, I've covered how to draw basic clouds, speech balloons, basic anime CGing, and lineart prep. You can see them all at my site! ^^

psycosquirrel: Thank you. ^^ I appreciate that.

I'll have some more stuff up, soon. Work as been so rediculous, lately, that I haven't been able to draw anything for myself ;__;

*bump* ^_^

Got a big new piece of art!

4 and 1/2 hours work in Photoshop CS.

i just love your art eiffel,it's simply amazing
you took drawing lessons or you have learned all alone? i wish i can draw as you one day XD
Thank you very much for the kind words ^_^ I really appreciate that.

I've never taken drawing lessons before. It's all pretty much self-taught.

The key to my work is observing the world around me, and trying to duplicate it with as much precision as I can. Well, without it being boring. So, if I'm making an anime picture, I'll study how color and shape is used in a certain show. Or, if I'm making a more realistic picture, I'll go outside and study trees, skies, and so forth. ^^

It's kinda hard for me to explain. But, whatever you do, practice will help it along. Repeat every step many, many, many times to get the result you want. You'll be a pro in no time ^__^

Thanks, again!

^___^ Bump~

Back with a brand new tablet (YAY) and a few new pics~


A 2,000 hit kiriban request for my Deviantart site ( )

A short session on PaintChat online painter:

tus dibujos son muy buenos y espero que sigas madando mas de tus dibujos. Laughing
wow the beatles's one is so amazing !
OH MY GOD your manga skills are fantastic man. I have to say that you are the best (and forgive me if i'm mistaken) non-professional artist of manga that i've ever seen !!
Congratz for your fantastic work and keep up with it.

PS: How about making once per week a drawing about the most famous band of the would be pretty interesting, imo !!
Hey~ Thanks for the replies ^^

I might just do that, carlokes. ^__^

Here's a new piece that shows that I don't only do anime and manga art:

And, of course, some new anime art!

Nice art eiffel!

Ever thought of making money with it Razz?
brainster wrote:
Nice art eiffel!

Ever thought of making money with it Razz?

I've been doing art commissions for the last 3 years ^^;

Its really good . I speaccilaly like the first one . It looks really realistic and as if a real anime designer drawed it . But the last one was boring and i dont get why you put that there . Oh and the BEETLES one rocks . It really good seeing some people drawing chubby characters !
Ahhh this is too cool, great job...
whoaaaaaa nice works! you are really good
Thanks ^^ I appreciate the feedback!

Here're a few more.

this is great as always eiffel Smile
i like the one you sketched in red
Great stuff! I have a question about your line art, are you using that method in your tutorial section, because they look very sharp and clean. The last time I colored something (several years ago) I used a similar technique to get my lineart and it wasn't nearly as sharp and clean as your recent lineart.
Thanks agian for all the replies ^^

As for the lineart: the newest (the last 6 pics) were done with my brand-new tablet. However, if you use the level adjust in photoshop (depending on the contrast setting on your scanner) like in the tutorial, you should be able to achieve almost exactly the same thing.

New art!

Mario and Luigi fanart~

Random color test~

Legend of Zelda fanart~

With your tablet, do you do all lines from scratch, or do you scan line art then ink the lines in with the tablet. I have a graphire 2, I haven't used it much. I guess I should start practicing with it.
I can't see many of your pictures.

Is the server down, or are the pictures no longer at the server?
I got rid of a bunch of my earlier pics, because my Photobucket account was getting crowded ^^ All of them can be seen on my site, though~

Drifting: After I got my tablet, I did a lot of works with scanned pencil lineart with a digital ink layer over that. Now, more often than not, I do all my work on the computer. It's always best to lay down a layer in photoshop or painter with a rough sketch on it and then one or two layers of cleaner inking.

Just for the record, I prefer Painter IX HIGHLY over Photoshop for inking. Not for color, but for ink it is the best (in terms of sharp lines, and better pressure sensitivity). ^___^

Here's a new one, of Saria from Ocarina of Time. In the game, her race doesn't age, but I wanted to try making her a few years older.
I'll try out painter. I'll messed with it a few times, but for me its a very diffrent from photoshop (which I'm more use to). When exams are over, I'll bring out my tablet from hibernation and look for some tutorials and practice.

Thanks for answering my questions Eiffel! Very Happy
Eiffel, thanks for sharing you art work on the web. I really enjoy looking at them.

I bookmarked your site and gonna really site down one day to pick up photoshop from your tutorial.

Keep up the good work. Cheers. Wink
You're very welcome~ And it's my pleasure to share art ^^

Here's a fanart of an aquaintance's comic.

Really like it, much of talent. Keep wainting for Your first pro manga scans, heh ;]
^w^;;; Thanks for the compliment! You're too kind, really. ^^


Just a couple of new pics ^^

OMG! I love Anime!

Your artwork is awesome! I was wondering, what technique do you use? If you don't know what I mean then that's ok. All I have to say is Rock on, and keep drawing ^.^!

P.S. What is your favorite type of Anime Character? Mine's the Anime Kitty Kat Women. (For example, *Outlaw Star* The Katara Katara Clan)
Hmmm...Technique? If you mean how do I make a pic from start to finish, it's pretty much the old school method: sketching the framework with circles and strokes and then adding in the details. As for what I use to do that - pencils paper and my Wacom Graphire4 6x8 tablet. ^^

Here's a small new pic. Kissin'!

Edit! Here's a new pic, fresh off the presses~
New pic ^^

Hope you like it.
I'm officially a fan now! xD

Just wondering... do you have a deviantart account?
I certainly do, sir! It's Thank you for the kind words ^^

Here's a new piece. I'll link it, because there's a very scantily-clad woman in it. lol
Thread bump and art update~

I never post sketches anymore, so I figured I'd put one up. It's what I was wearing today~

i like
i like your style! its really cute

do u use open canvas?

btw some of your pictures from the first page don't work anymore

I used to use OpenCanvas 3, but I found that it kept crashing on me, when I added multiple layers ;o; I mostly just stick to Photoshop and Painter IX, now.

Oh! And I also use paintchat all the time. It's an online drawing chatroom, for those who may not know ^^.

There's an example of the random things I draw there. lol
last one = excellent

AC is just such a wonderful agme, isnt it ? ^o^
Miss Luna
Your work is remarkable...especially considering you use a mouse to color with. I have a tablet and my CG anime art isn't nearly as good as yours. Keep up the excellent work!!
Very cool old your draws.
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