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Networking between win98 and winxp

actually my friend needs this help.
in total there is 5 computer. each connected with a switch/hub. out of the 5 pc 3 computer run on the win xp and 2 computer run on the windows 98. he tried to network between then. but it seems that win 98 's file doesn't share with the win xp files.. i mean to say is that the file shared in the win98 does'nt appear in the win xp network link. is there any problem with the proxy of else. between the 3 xp pc the networking seems to be fine and smooth.
Check out this site.
Why even bother with windows 98?? Microsoft itself doesnt even support that OS whatsoever anymore. It's like what, 8 or 9 years old now...that is freaking old in computer years...
Can the XP boxes see the 98 machines at all?
To see if the computers can talk across the network, drop to command lines on all boxes, run ipconfig to get the ip address of each box, and then use the ping command.

If one of the 98 boxes has an IP address of say
Then ping that ip address from the xp boxes..if the request times out then you have a network problem (usually caused by firewalls)

If the machines arent pinging each ohter, then remove any firewalls and try again.

If that doesnt work, you might want to use msconfig to put each of the machines that cannot be seen into a clean boot and try pinging again.

If you are able to ping the 98 boxes, then make sure that the folders in question are shared properly and that file and printer sharing is enabled in the internet connection properties window.

Can the 98 boxes see each other? Can the 98 boxes see the XP boxes?

Keep in mind that 98 can be a real pain because it was designed before home networking was popular, and XP tends to work much better in situations like this.
First check if there's a physical connection (see above). Then remember that you have to put them in the same workgroup.
Do you config windows xp to use downlevel NTLM auth ?
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