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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Anyone enjoy this band?

I use to have the priviledge of watching them in concert every year, but I'll have to miss 'em this year. I think it's great that they only tour this time of year, and they still cover so many cities too, without becoming over-heard or being over-played.

Normally I hate Christmas music, but when I'm in the mood, I can listen to TSO for hours. Something about rock opera that I love, I guess. Finally, Christmas music has a tinge of metal in it. Wink

Anyway, I'm just curious what others think of the band (do they really constitute as an orchestra?).
Yep...have heard them but never seen them in concert. Love their music. I think the draw to them is based on a few seldom-considered truths. First, classical music is cool, if not down-right jammin'. Most folks don't listen to it on the radio because the stiff-shirts at NPR come across as being "above the crowd." If you listen to Metallica, you'll hear classical rifs all throughout their music. Sames goes for Styx, Rush, and other classic rock bands.
LONG HAIR...LOUD MUSIC...MOZART!!! This stuff must be played LOUD. Why do you think there are so MANY people in an orchestra? This stuff sounds thunderous when coming from a large sitting of musicians. It only makes sense that classical would be a "natural" for rock bands with amp stacks to the sky. Listen to Ric Emmett of Triumph playing "Rock and Roll Machine" where he breaks into the "1812 Overture" or Rush on their "2112" record (yes...I proudly own vinyl). Classical roots--modern bands--futuristic instruments and technology. Ain't it great to be alive now?
yea i went to go see them in sacramento, it's so awesome, they are damn good, the light shows are fantastic.................also the people on there are way talented. i'd like to go see them again.maybe take somef riends. how much are tickets go for anyways now a days? i wnt a couple years ago and they were faily affordable.
i'd heard heaps about this band, but when i finally listened to them it was a bit of a let down. maybe it was because of the hype
I like them. I've heard some of their stuff and really liked it, probably because I do like orchestral music as well as rock/metal, so a combination is excellent.
It probably would be fun to see these guys live Very Happy
I guess they are ok, but I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. I saw them in concert a few years back and there is no doubt that they are very good. But for me something just seemed ..... well, missing. The "Idea" is great, but for me it just seemed a little sterile.
I've never actually heard them in concert, but I have heard some of their music, and its great, a real difference to the usual christmassy music you usually hear.
I've only heard a few songs, but I really like TSO. my friend went to see one of their concerts, he said it really cool.
Well, I have only heard TSO's song Wizard in Winter. I really like it, since it's upbeat and very energetic. However, I'm not a huge fan of the other songs they created. The only reason why I know of TSO and their songs is because of the Christmas video that has synchronized lights to the music. By the way, all of the videos of the Wizard in Winter synced with the lights were very blurry, but I found a super clear original available in the iTunes Store, in case if anyone's interested. However, it costs $1.99.
Well i like alot of their songs and i like their style. Some very skilled musicians as well i think.
I have heard the song "Carol Of The Bells" and supposedly it features Metallica. Is this true?

Anyway, very cool song! Really enjoy it. I really need to check out some more Trans Syberian Orchestra Smile
Trans Syberian Orchestra is a pretty cool band,it was like really hyped about and it did live up to some of my expectations,really cool.
BMB07 wrote:
I have heard the song "Carol Of The Bells" and supposedly it features Metallica. Is this true?

Anyway, very cool song! Really enjoy it. I really need to check out some more Trans Syberian Orchestra Smile
I think a few of their songs feature metallica.
I heard of Trans-Siberian Orchestra a few years ago, but didn't get a chance to hear any of their stuff until about last year. It's pretty good stuff, and it's a refreshing take on holiday music (so is Twisted Sister's Heavy Metal Christmas, check it out!).

I heard 'Carol of the Bells', and I thought it was so cool. The guitars just seemed to fit really well with the orchestra instruments. Whether or not this song, or a few others features Metallica, I can't say. It says in the song title it does, but I did some searching and can't find any information on it.

Anyways, I got one of their CDs last Christmas, and the other songs were a bit of a letdown, but still pretty cool.
I think it is a nice idea and the musicians are aweome but after three of four tracks, it becomes a little boring for me...
i really like "mad russians dream" it's a heavy metal version of the nutmeg by tschaikowsky
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